Ellen DeGeneres Got A Waitress SUSPENDED For 2 Weeks Because She Didn't Like Her Nail Polish?
Ellen DeGeneres Got A Waitress SUSPENDED For 2 Weeks Because She Didn’t Like Her Nail Polish?

Trouble for Ellen DeGeneres ceases to end. The US host was under the scrutiny when her employees accused her of non-payment of dues. Pay cuts, mean behaviour, and toxic work environment allegations followed by. Nikki de Jagger, former producer shared their ill experiences too. Now things seem to have taken a whole new turn.

A fresh set of allegations have been made against Ellen DeGeneres by Chris Farah. Chris, who is now a comedian and actress, said she was working as a server at a Los Angeles vegan restaurant by the name of Real Food Daily back in 2014. It was then that she was waiting the table for Ellen and her wife for their brunch.



Chris Farah said that while most of the event was perfect, she was shocked when there was a mail from Ellen DeGeneres almost two weeks later. Addressed to the owner of the resto, Ellen said that Chris was waiting the table with chipped nail polish and she should be suspended for two weeks.

Opening up about the detailed experience, Chris Farah has been quoted by DailyMail saying, “She really went out of her way to try to hurt someone who was beneath her and serving her. You’re going to try to take money away from me for two weeks because you don’t like the way my nails looked? It’s sh***y. It’s not anything akin to her image of ”be kind”. It’s unnecessarily cruel and out of touch, and doesn’t understand the repercussions. It’s a crazy thing to do.”

Well, you certainly need to be living under the rock if you are not aware about the claims that have been made on Ellen DeGeneres and her attitude. Chris further went on to say, “First of all I thought her demeanour was a little weird. It was like she was taken aback by me in some way. I just remember her being like ”What’s Christina Applegate having?” She was also in my section. She ordered that. Everything went down the way it should, and I’m really nice and warm, I was a really lovely server. A week later my managers were like ”Chris did you happen to serve Ellen when she came in a week ago?” I 100 per cent thought it was a good thing. She was friends with the owner, and in my mind, I was like ”oh this is going to be a really good thing for me.

Chris added, “She wants me to come on her show and serve mini cashew cheeses to the audience in some adorable way. My bosses looked at each other and kind of smirked. They said ”she emailed Anne [the owner] and complained about your chipped nail polish”. I was like ”what? It had chipped the night before and I didn’t have time to get a fresh manicure after I closed the restaurant at 11 pm and reopened at 8.30 am the next morning. I probably shouldn’t have had chipped nail polish. But it wasn’t on her food or plate.”

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