Dwayne Johnson Wishes To Play Scorpion King In A Mummy Movie Again?
Dwayne Johnson Is Eager To Play The Scorpion King In A Mummy Film? (Pic credit: Movie Still)

One cannot argue the fact that The Scorpion King is too close to Dwayne Johnson’s heart. And it is rightly so, since it was his foray in the world of acting. Recently there was buzz that the actor is all set to reboot his maiden project now and is ready to set it up on a huge scale. The catch was that he was the producer and someone else would embody the mighty titular character. But turns out the recent update has an entirely new story to offer.


For the unversed, Dwayne aka The Rock made his acting debut with the 2002 release The Scorpion King. The film went on to become a giant success at the Box Office a sit earned big time. If the reports are to go by now, The Rock wants to play the Scorpion King, but not in the reboot that he has planned. For that, he still very much remains the producer only.


As per We Got This Covered, Dwayne Johnson has expressed his wish that he wants to revisit his first character. But this time not in a film that only centres him but a drama that involves the iconic Mummy. Yes, you read that right, Dwayne wants to reprise The Scorpion King in a Mummy film. But looking at the universal slate, it does not look that they are planning a Mummy film. Also, the failure of the last one in the franchise that starred Tom Cruise might also be pulling the studio back from investing into it.

But with Dwayne Johnson showing hi support and also being a producer himself might just make it possible. The tea here was spiled by Insider Daniel Richtman. He said, “The Rock [wants to] play Scorpion King in a new Mummy movie.”
Meanwhile, the reboot of The Scorpion King, Dwayne Johnson is producing is being written by Jonathan Herman. The buzz is also that Dwayne will be making a special appearance in the film too.

Do you want to see The Rock reprising The Scorpion King in a Mummy movie? Let us know in the comments section below.

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