Doja Cat Allegedly Caught Doing Drugs In Chat Room Video
Doja Cat Caught Doing Drugs While Interacting With Fans On Video? (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Rapper Doja Cat has reportedly been caught doing drugs in a video which captured her interaction with other users of Tinychat room.

In the video which has circulated online, the ‘Kiss Me More’ hitmaker was seen wearing a black long-sleeve top while smoking a cigarette. Seemingly not having the best time of her life, she lashed out at other users for being “so f**king mean” to her.



“Are you having fun now?” one fan asked her, to which she angrily responded: “No, I’m not having fun. Because you’re so f**king mean to me.” Shocked, one person simply reacted with, “Whew”.

Doja Cat then turned her back to the camera and motioned to her face. While it wasn’t clear what she was doing in the video, some people claimed that it looked like she was ingesting some type of narcotic.

Another user then asked Doja, “you live alone in that big a** house?” she responded, “no, I live with security.” Not impressed, the man claimed: “That’s basically alone man.” Doja then retorted, “shut the f**k up”.

This isn’t the first time Doja Cat has been accused of doing drugs. Back in 2020, social media users speculated that she was high on drugs during an Instagram Live, where she was gushing over Nicki Minaj. “She has implanted herself so deeply into all of us and into music, and into rap, and into hip-hop, in such a way that people have under-appreciated her and I don’t think that that’s right,” she sang praise to the ‘Anaconda’ hitmaker.

Doja was jittering and playing with her nose during the live session, prompting people to think that she was using drugs. Responding to the allegations, Doja later denied it saying: “Lol people think I do drugs. I think I was scared I had boogers but if you guys want to be worried about me doing cocaine that’s fine at least you care. That’s nice of y’all.”

“I always have dookie hanging out my nose and I gotta pick it a lot cause I get sniffles from dressing like a slut all the time,” she continued explaining. “Have you ever seen me in a sweater? No. That’s why I’m digging in my f**king face.”

As for her shakiness, she claimed that it was because she had gone a little too hard partying the night before. “I had to be put on an IV for alcohol poisoning shortly after that,” she said. “I over drank. That’s why I look f**king terrible.”

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