DC Trivia #25: Superman As A Mathematicians, Fashion Designer & More - 5 Of His WEIRDEST Superpowers
DC Trivia #25: Superman As A Mathematicians, Fashion Designer & More – 5 Of His WEIRDEST Superpowers

DC Trivia #25: With great power, comes great responsibility! Well, French writer Voltaire said this first but we millennials will remember Uncle Ben from Spider-Man saying the same. But, it wasn’t the same case for Superman because with great power he posses some very weird responsibilities.

Superman possesses some very weird superpower and due to them, he could be a mathematician, fashion designer or just someone who can create his mini-clone to fight bad guys (2.0 hangover?).

According to a trivia published about the ‘weird superpowers of Superman’ on TellTalesOnline, “It goes without saying, the Silver Age was weird. With it came some of Superman’s most ludicrous talents. You had the strange but not extreme-like super-weaving that allowed him to make dresses really fast, the mind-control just by concentrating hard, and knowing who was calling on a rotary telephone. Our pick has to be the time when he could summon a tiny version of himself from his hand. Way to go Supes!”

Here are five of weirdest superpowers of Superman:


As the name suggests, this enables Superman to solve the hardest of the Math problems within a fraction of seconds.


With this Superman can use his voice to transfer it across any room through the window without getting distorted (telecom service providers, are you listening or maybe not because of the network issue?)


With this Superman just turns into a super-fashion-designer and has the superpower to weave clothes. Strange enough?

Super Shape-Shifting & Super-Telepathy

This isn’t a weird superhero but according to comics, Superman shifted his face to an alien’s face to dodge their invasion.

Super-Mini-Me Generation

What Shankar did in 2.0, it was already done way before in comics. Superman once created his mini-clones to fight the bad guys.

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