BTS Member Jimin Once Wore An Outfit Worth Rs. One Lakh For A Live Stream
BTS Singer Jimin Owns Some Of Most Expensive Pieces Of Clothing Along With Other Things ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia )

BTS member Jimin has a long list of expensive things that he owns. Being a celebrity that almost the world knows of comes with many perks, and one of them is having several expensive things, be it clothes, cars or houses. Park Ji-min, the singer and songwriter of the worldwide sensational South Korean group, has a massive net worth of $20 million that is too many zeroes for us to count.

The singer owes his huge earnings due to many reasons, such as the sold-out concerts, hit albums, songs trending at the top of the charts. Added to that list are several endorsements, shares in stocks and special appearances on several shows that have contributed to his wealth.

It is evident from where Jimin earns the big bucks, but where does he spend it though. According to one report, the BTS singer wore an outfit worth Rs 1,65,676 for a live stream. His shirt jacket was estimated to be around $1,450, and his Gucci slippers were worth $790. Another report stated that he wore a Saint Laurent bomber jacket to the AMAs back in 2017, which cost $4223 and a $5754 black suede jacket for a Billboard cover photoshoot.

No wonder why the BTS ARMY appreciated the fashion sense of the group. These are just some of the many expensive articles of clothing that are owned by BTS member Jimin. Apart from apparel, he also has bought an apartment in South Korea’s Nine One Hannam worth $5.7 million. The report also stated that the singer has invested in a flat which cost $3.9 million.

Meanwhile, the Indian fan base of the band has collected over ₹1.5 lakh fund to donate towards a cause ahead of the singer’s birthday. According to Hindustan Times, the Bangtan Indian team has said, “We donate to a cause for members’ birthdays every year. It has become a tradition for us. We try to support new causes each time and also try to pick causes that resonate with us based on what we see happening around us or what we think would be a good project to pick up.”

Jimin celebrates his birthday on 13 October and will be turning 26-years-old this year. BTS ARMY from around the world has prepped for their idol’s birthday. Other than him, the Bangtan Boys consist of J Hope, Jin, RM, Jungkook, V and Suga.

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