Bryan Cranston: Injustice Is True All Over The World
Bryan Cranston: I Think Racism & Unfair Playing Field Are Because Of The Disparity (Photo Credit – Bryan Cranston/Getty)

Hollywood veteran Bryan Cranston feels racism and an unfair playing field remain true all over the world and says the change will seep in after a lot of hard work and determination.

“I think injustice is true all over the world. The rich versus the poor — the rich have always had a tendency to have a more favourable vertix towards their way and the poor, unfavourable,” Cranston said.



He continued saying the problem exists even in the realm of race: “We have a predominant amount of African Americans who are in the prison system and who have historically been given unjust sentences and trials. It is a problem,” Bryan Cranston added.

The “Breaking Bad” star, Bryan Cranston continued: “I think racism and unfair playing field are because of the disparity. It’s very true all over the world. Change is a slow boat. It takes hard work, ambition and determination to continue to make it right and make it better, just so that the world can be a better place,” he added.

The actor feels “our quest is to try to have true justice in the world”.

The actor has returned to the crime-drama genre after seven years with the show “Your Honor”. It is adapted by Peter Moffat from the Israeli show “Kvodo”.

In the show, Bryan Cranston stars as Judge Michael Desiato, who is forced to confront his deepest convictions when his son is involved in a hit and run case. The series also stars Michael Stuhlbarg, Sofia Black-D’Elia, Carmen Ejogo, Isiah Whitlock Jr. and Hope Davis. It airs in India on Zee Cafe.

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