TikTok Blames Random Bug Over #BlackLivesMatter & #GeorgeFloyd Issues
#BlackLivesMatter & #GeorgeFloyd: TikTok Blames ‘Random Bug’ For The Removal Of These Hashtags! 

A horrific video went viral where four white police officers arrested an African American man named George Floyd in Minnesota. One of the officers kneeled down on Floyds’ neck till the time he got choked to death. Since the incident happened, people across the world have raised their voices against racial discrimination. Now, amid protests around the death of George Floyd, TikTok is being accused of censoring posts that contain hashtags #BlackLivesMatter and #GeorgeFloyd.

Following this tragic incident, #BlackLivesMatter and #GeorgeFloyd have been consistently popular hashtags throughout this week. Posts about the protest to punish the police officer who killed Floyd and the impact of Floyd’s murder on his family are being represented through that one hashtag. Now TikTok users who wanted to post videos with the hashtag noticed that their videos are getting blocked. Now Tiktok has responded to this and stated that the videos were not getting blocked instead it was just a random bug.

According to TheWrap, a TikTok spokesperson responded to them saying that “View counts for both hashtags have been fixed. Video creators can once again see the viewer count while uploading posts”.

Tiktok issued a statement, saying – “We have identified and resolved an issue that had widely affected the view count displayed on hashtags in the upload stage. This bug had temporarily affected view count displays on hashtags at random in the Compose screen only; it did not affect tags, videos, or discovery of uploaded content. We apologize for the confusion this caused for our community”.

TikTok has a history of censoring posts about other protests, but without evidence, and with the hashtags now working properly, the issue has been subsided.

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