Avengers: Endgame is one film that will always be a topic of discussion. A lot of things happened in those 3 hours and even after a year, Marvel fans have their own version and theories for every big twist. Endgame will always be an important film as fans bid goodbye to two best actors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans who played Iron Man (Tony Stark) and Captain America (Steve Rogers), respectively.


In this 2019 worldwide blockbuster, we saw Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man sacrificing his life to kill Thanos and save humanity. On the other hand, Chris Evans’ Captain America gives up his superpowers in the end and chooses a normal life. Looks like even today, fans are not happy with the way Marvel put an end to their respective stories.

Avengers: Endgame: Here's Why Fans Think Chris Evans' Captain America Should've Died Instead Of Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man!
Avengers: Endgame: Here’s Why Fans Think Chris Evans’ Captain America Should’ve Died Instead Of Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man!

Recently, fans took to Twitter and were of the opinion that instead of Iron Man it should have been Captain America who’d sacrificed his life and died to save others. One person tweeted, “steve rogers and tony stark’s endings should’ve been switched. i said what i said. steve rogers was embodiment of self sacrifice and tony stark deserved to watch his daughter grow up.”

Another person replied to this tweet, “as a steve stan i think i speak for all the steve stans when i say we’d rather see him dead than going back to peggy and erasing his whole arc, so i agree.”


One Twitter user disagreed and said, “Politlely disagree. Tony and Steve’s journies throughout the MCU led to this. Tony didn’t waste his life, and died to make a better world for his daughter (the opposite what Thanos did), and Cap FINALLY got to take something for himself for once after giving for so long.”

A Twitter user had an interesting idea to kill Thanos. The person wrote, “No no no. They all should have joined hands like in guardians of the galaxy to share the power of the stones and everyone lives happily ever after.”

Another person again said that Steve should’ve died, “Steve’s arc was a man out of his time and he had to learn how to live with that- they completely threw that out the window with the ending,,, i’m mad and i don’t even stan steve i swear 🗿”

Check out all the tweets below:

Fans will always have their own theories because every actor and every Marvel superhero have a great fan following. We wonder what MCU has to say about this new debate.

Who do you think should’ve sacrificed their life in Avengers: Endgame? Captain America or Iron Man? Let us know in the comments below.

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