Madame Web' Dakota Johnson's Fitness Regime Revealed
Madame Web’ Dakota Johnson’s Fitness Regime Revealed ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Madame Web, starring Dakota Johnson in the lead, is finally at the theatres, and the fans can see the gorgeous actress do some amazing stunts. Like any other comic book/superhero movie, it also has action sequences, and the actress trained for them. Today, we bring you every detail about her workout regime for the Marvel movie.

Dakota became famous for her role in the Fifty Shades franchise. The actress plays the role of Cassandra Webb, who has the gift of clairvoyance, in the movie. It is a part of the Sony-Marvel universe. The Marvel movie has opened to a meager score on Rotten Tomatoes; it is 13% on Tomatometer, while the audience score is 54%.

As per PopSugar, Dakota Johnson approached The Sculpt Society founder, Megan Roup, to help her train for her role in Madame Web. Johnson discovered Roupe’s app during the pandemic and became a fan since then. Megan revealed that Dakota wanted to work on her overall endurance and strength for the part. Roup said, “She had mentioned to me that days on set were really long, and she wanted to be prepared for that.”

How did Dakota Johnson prepare for her Madame Web role?

Roup went for low-impact exercises and dance cardio to build the actress’ endurance and strength. She gave Johnson their traditional 45-minute whole body workout at a particular class in their class. Roup added, “[These] incorporate a dance cardio warm-up, arms with weights into standing legs, plank abs, right side of booty, abs on back, left side of booty, and dance cardio.” Since Dakota Johnson was a regular at the institution, she was given intermediate to advanced-level workouts.

Dakota had fast-paced classes without long breaks; the workout sessions were a mix of cardio with low-impact sculpt and strengthening exercises, contributing to her endurance. She also had some weight training, including 2-3 pounds of hand weights, a Pilates ball, resistance band loops, ankle weights, and sliders. The dance cardio bit comprised about 15% of each session, which was simple and repetitive. Her trainer added, “Dakota has the best energy — she really just has fun.”

Dakota Johnson on her Madame Web stunts –

Previously, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Johnson spoke about her stunts in the Marvel movie. She said, “I mean, I can do some wild things with a car. I drove an ambulance. I drove a taxicab. I drove everything in the movie — except for flying through the air and out of a building. But other than that, I’m like, ‘Watch out, Tom Cruise.'”

Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney starrer Madame Web was released on February 16 and is currently running in the theatres.

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