Weeks after split, Shawn Mendes having a 'hard time' with social media
Weeks after split, Shawn Mendes having a ‘hard time’ with social media(Photo Credit: Instagram)

Award-winning singer Shawn Mendes is having a “hard time” with social media, just days after his former girlfriend Camila Cabello announced she was taking a break from social media.

Mendes said: “I’m a having a little bit of a hard time at the moment and just kind of my relationship with it.”



However, Shawn Mendes is grateful to his fans for sending him their feedback about his new song ‘It’ll Be Okay’, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

Shawn added: “But I have lots of people sending me videos and telling me what’s going on. I think that when I make music, the ultimate goal is to kind of be sitting there and have my own truth revealed to me.”

“A lot of the time when I’m writing songs, I’m using music as a platform to be able to get to a place inside myself that I wouldn’t be able to get to by just talking to people or thinking about it,” said Shawn Mendes.

“I see a lot of TikToks of people crying and getting emotional and stuff, and I hope that’s because there’s some truth in the song, and there lies an honesty in it. I just feel so proud of that song and I’m so grateful you guys are connecting with it, and I feel so grateful that people are being vulnerable with it and people are just having fun with it.”

Earlier this week, Camila Cabello, who split from Shawn Mendes last month after two years of dating, took to her Instagram stories to tell her followers she will not be online again until 2022.

Camila Cabello wrote: “going on a lil social media detox till the new year, just wanna spend a little less time on my phone this week x love y’all.”

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