So finally, did the postponement of release of ‘Anjaana Anjaani’ by a week due to the Ayodhya case court order work in favour of the film or not?


It definitely worked in the film’s favour as the producers managed to generate some kind of buzz around the film in the last week, of course, after spending heavily on further promotion. It is probably because of this that the film took a decent initial on Friday (1st October). Had the film released on 24th September, it may not have taken as good an opening. Therefore, although the producers were poorer by probably more than a crore of rupees, they benefitted in terms of a good opening on Friday.

Will ‘Dabangg’ Surpass ‘3 Idiots’; ‘Enthiran’ Tickets At Rs. 1500?

Will ‘Dabangg’ cross the business of ‘3 Idiots’?

No, it won’t. In India, Dabangg business will fall short of the business of 3 Idiots by around Rs. 20 to 25 crore. In the Overseas circuit, ‘Dabangg’ would fetch a share of around Rs. 11 to 12 crore while ‘3 Idiots’ had yielded a share of over Rs. 30 crore. Still, the business of ‘Dabangg’ is phenomenal, so what if it cannot touch the figures of ‘3 Idiots’!

Is it true that the official admission rate down South for ‘Endhiran’ (Tamil) is as high as Rs. 1,500 for the first week in the topmost class in select multiplexes?

Yes, it’s true! Looking to the craze for Rajnikanth and for Endhiran and given the audience reports, its business is expected to touch the Rs. 100 crore mark! The business of the Telugu and Hindi dubbed versions (both titled Robot) will be over and above the Rs. 100 crore for the Tamil version.

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  1. There are no Takers for tickets above 300. Even 120 tickets are available freely and Mayajall at 320 is all open to book in current shows … So 1500/- may be with double bet to sleep when too many Rajnees start boring.. HAHAHAHA

    • Hey Anitha, if u want to sleep.. go and sleep in yr home.. if u have no home, i ll pay sure 1500 for u since u don’t have place to sleep. but dont go for ENDHIRAN movie for sleeping, u cant sleep there.. MOVIE is good idiot anitha.. btw, who are u? are u some one relative who doest’t like rajni.. only those idiots comment like this.. i have a proof that in BANGALORE people got tickets for 1500 rs for the endhiran movie..
      so sad u dont know that since u r sleeping in yr home..oops sorry, sleeping in the streets..


  2. Anita – Tickets were indeed sold for 1500 in bangalore and in some theatres in chennai on the 1st day in chennai.and BTW the movie is a huge blockbucter by all standards in all languages across the globe.and so cut the crap and accept the fact


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