Tumhari Sulu stayed decent right through its first week with 19.78 crore coming in. The film brought in 1.55 crore more on Thursday, hence demonstrating fair sustainability right through the weekdays.


If the film manages to cross the 1 crore mark today, it would be a fair hold too since that would give the Vidya Balan starrer good platform to see increase in footfalls over the weekend.

Box Office - Tumhari Sulu has a decent first week
Tumhari Sulu Has A Decent 1st Week At The Box Office!


There is a decent count of shows that the Suresh Triveni directed film has managed in its second week as well. With no real competition around it, expectation is for the film to gather at least 6-7 crore more in the second week. That would allow it to stretch towards the 30 crore lifetime.

Talking about her film journey and acting in Tumari Sulu, Vidya said,”I am very grateful that I have got opportunities to play different characters in each of my films. I feel that’s the true definition of being an actor.”

“I don’t want to repeat myself as an actor and till the time we have directors and writers like Suresh Triveni, I think I am set because till now no one has imagined me in a character like this. All filmmakers have offered me intense and serious characters, but he just thought about me in a completely different way.”

Talking about her character and the film, Vidya said: “The way Suresh Triveni (director) has written the film, I feel anybody can relate with it. I am glad that I am playing a normal middle-class woman in this film because I am still middle class by heart. I have been raised in a middle-class family. I am proud of it and I have no regrets.

“This film’s story is also of a middle-class family and India primarily consists of middle-class families. My character in the film doesn’t judge anyone and not herself as well.”

Vidya is sure that her character will be relatable to every middle-class woman who has never worked outside before.

“She has just one thing that if I am getting an opportunity to work, then I will work because she hasn’t worked in life so, it’s a very connecting story in that aspect because everyone has their dreams and aspirations.




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