Though it was never really on the cards, one just hoped against hope that lack of any other big Hindi release would keep audience interest sustained in Tubelight at the start of the second weekend. However, the word of mouth around the film has been so poor that there was no turnaround whatsoever.

More than the film being rejected for its content, it has been a complete dismissal on the part of audiences that has resulted in such steep downfall.

Box Office - Tubelight turns out to be a huge flop, no betterment in Week Two
Box Office – Tubelight turns out to be a huge flop, no betterment in Week Two

As has been seen in the recent times, especially during last six odd months, it’s not just the smallest but even the biggest of the films that are not even getting a chance at the Box Office if the word of mouth is bad on the first day itself. Once that happens, it is not as much as those limited audiences who have seen the film that spread the word around its content but even those who haven’t even watched it and still begin to show complete disinterest. That is killing many movies.

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This is what’s happening in case of Tubelight too that had its second Friday as a meager 2.50 crores*. Whether it is hardcore fans of Salman Khan or just the ‘aam junta’, there seems to have been a decision taken by one and all that Tubelight isn’t a film they want to invest their time and money. That has resulted in such an aberration for Salman Khan and a biggie of his that just 109.36 crore* have been collected so far.

A major flop!

*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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  1. Every Body Knows Tubelight is not a good movie but Tubelight has already crossed 100 Crore mark. Koimoi is showing the verdict as flop. It means now Koimoi will decide which movie is Hit or Flop. Box Office collection doesn’t matter to Koimoi.

    • Even collections are 120 cr there will be around 60cr distributor share
      Means there is around 75cr loss to distributors
      As distributors purchased it at around 135cr.
      So movie is major flop

      • Bhai Nilesh, Now you please check the latest verdict of tubelight of koimoi..Koimoi changed its verdict ..Now Tubelight is not Flop…Koimoi writers decide everything beforehand which is not right. They should wait till the time film is running at the theatre.

    • the production cost of tubelight is 100cr. but they sold this film to distributors for around 150 cr. Also adding tv right and songs sold for more than 100 cr. so salman n their productions are in profit but distributors and exibitors are in huge loss.

    • U don’t know how flops and hits are decided. Flop means the money earned by the film is less than the amt invested.

    • Box office collection does matter. Its a simple math. No matter if the box office collections are 100 crore or 200 crore, but if the cost of making the movie is more then the box office collection it is a flop, cus movie is not able to recover its cost. Same thing goes for small budget movies, like many in the past, which only make 45 to 50 crore but were declared hits cus their cost was much less then the collection, hence everyone from makers to distributors to exhibitor made money.

  2. If you show AMIR KHAN wrestling in HARYANA then the movie will start picking. And will end up collecting 2 THOUSAND CRORE. HA HA HA HA HA HA.

  3. I am a regular follower of koimoi. I go through it 10 times a day but today I am too disappointed by the very irresponsible verdict that tubelight is a major flop. According to your criteria tubelight must gain a plus status as verdict. The budget of this movie is 100 crores and it has already gained and crossed that margin. Though it is not a complete hit or a blockbuster but the movie cannot be considered as average or flop. Whoever has written that news is a irresponsible and immatured person. So please select wise, clever and updated person to go through news in your website otherwise this site will gradually Lise it’s popularity.

    • I was also surprised when koimoi declared the producer collection figures for krish3 and also for kabil and where as for Raees the producer figures were ignored and koimoi own data figures collected from distributors which were incomplete published. Sad to see this attitude from a professional magazine such as koimoi.

  4. itni jaldi kya hai bhaiyon isko flop qarar dene ki..abhi life time tak to jane do. akshay kumar ki ek film ayi thi entertainment usne 70/75 crore kiye the .usko to plus qarar dia tha …hadd hai kya akshay the superstar ki film 40 crore me ban jati hai…totally biased by koimoi. i m grt admirer of u koimou but hv patience …u do normally * till lifetime run but his time u tell its flop on on 8th day…grt …..

    • hussain film ki safalta roi yani return of investment se aata hai tubelight ke rights 135 crore main india main laagat nikalne ke liye kam se kam 250 crore chahiye akshay ki film jolly llb ka budget tha 70 per distributer ko film padi 40 crore ki kyunki producer ne satalute music digital se 70 ke kareeb nikal liye baaki kamai profit

    • jab koi badi film 2nd friday ko sirf 3 crore kamaye to samajh jana lifetime aa gya h, 15-20 crore more and then it’s all over for tubelight.

  5. kabhi salman ko akshay bhi samajh lia karo market value k hisab se. kya 200 crore ka theka sirf salman ne liya hai. agar akshay ki film 8 din me 110 crore ka business karti to uski film ko hit qarar dia jata…senseless….

  6. In an article which was published on on 30th June, 2017, it had mentioned the following:

    However, all said and done, in terms of the theatrical business, the film is not a flop.

    So how come they are terming it as a major flop today. Koimoi please mind your words.

    The Budget for Tubelight including P&A is 100 crores and for it to enter safe zone it had to earn 100 crores in Theatres which it has eventually done after 6 days.

    So you cant call it a flop movie.

  7. This movie is indeed a huge flop considering that no major competition was there and it was an Eid release. Imagine the opportunities but still it underperformed. This means that something is really wrong on all levels. Had it been released on normal weekends without holidays or festivities preceding or following, there would have been huge losses.
    Moral of the story – make movies with strong storylines and avoid cheesy titles like “Kick”, “Tubelight”, “Ready”, and previously we got to know about “Mental” (unused title) etc.
    We agree that Salman has a huge fan-base, but it doesn’t mean that whatever random inconsistent product he pours in should be appreciated (stories like “Ready”, “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo”, “Dabaang 2”). Salman and his team should bear in mind that ALL his cash ringing movies are from the common people’s pocket. If they give us crap onscreen, we give them back their due with a slap.
    Last, if they wanna make sequels, they should be more creative and not make money just because it is “Previous Super Hit Title – Number 2”!!

  8. Salman khan is still the icon, the face of bollywood. Only a stupid and useless person or fan will reject his movie. Tubelight is a success. It grossed 178 crores in just the first week.

  9. Some other websites say it is not a flop. Funny is the fact that they spend time explaining how a Salman Khan movie is NOT a flop by breaking down on costs, satellite rights etc and then say – “See? This movie is not a flop”. But when it comes to other stars, for example Akki’s or Irfan’, they label a huge FLOP without even giving details about satellite rights, music rights, shares etc. They just want to get done with it. Sometimes, bad publicity as well play against a movie’s performance.

  10. Just because the movie has grossed 100 crore plus, doesn’t mean that it is not a flop. The films budget is 80+ crores and this does not include Salman’s salary. Now the second major thing is that the purchase price for the distributors is more than 130 crores. The distributors will end up making roughly 50% of the same. The theatre owners are looking at losses of more than 70 crores. That is why this movie is a complete flop, and movie like Hindi Medium with 65+ crore is a Super Hit because it’s cost is not more than 25 crores.

  11. I’m a regular follower of Koimoi n on the daily basis I go through it for the updates on movies, box office collections or any update related to the Film industry … Bt this tym u really made me disappointed. Budget is only – 80cr and already it has been earned 110cr … will add more moolah for same. Lifetime collection in India will b approx 140-160 cr. Baki stars ki movie ko tum 100cr pr he Superhit krar dete wheathr it is Akshay, Ajay or any1. Whn it comes to Salman Khan u do ths kind of stupidity …India mai 100 cr se zyada kmane wali movie ko Flop you nhi kha jata… Itna toh pata he hoga …. Really pathetic guys …. How can u do ths kind of stupid things ….. Unexpected really disappointing !!

  12. are you serious koimoi… clearly wriiten on your box office parameter that a film which recovers its investment is considered an average movie and you declaring this movie as a flop. also the movie is still running at the cinemas and global figures will soon touch the 200 crores mark so how the hell do you guys update this without doing a proper legit research.. absolutely ridiculous koimoi.. let the movie complete its lifetime and then declare what the actual genuine verdict is..

  13. Tausif ahmad and Santosh aap dono hi Nasamajh log hain aur aapko is sambandh me koi gyaan nahi hai ke 1 film ko kab hit or flop kaha jata hai. Sabse pehli baat ye ke film ke budget ka film ke hit ya flop hone se koi sambandh nahi hota hai. Film ka hit ya flop hona is baat pe nirbhar karta hai ke film ko kis distributor ne kitne rupay me purchase kiya hai or purchase karne ke baad usne exhibitors ko kitne me sell kiya hai or kya film release hone k baad distributor or exhibitors ka investment profit ke sath wapas mil paya hai ya nahi agar distributors & exhibitors dwara kiya gaya investment profit k sath unko mil jata hai to film hit kehlayi jati hai varna flop ya disaster hoti hai. Ab jahan tak Tubelight ki baat hai to Ji haan Tubelight 1 major flop hi nahi balki 1 disaster film hai Qki distributor NH studio ne is film ko 138cr+50cr= 188cr me purchase kiya tha jisme 138cr rupay Indian business k liye or 50cr. overseas k liye pay kiye they jisme se Tubelight ne ab tak India me 105cr jabki overseas me kul 30 rupay hi earn kiye hain yani total 135cr ki earning hui hai jabki investment 188cr hai yani distributor ko pure 53cr ka choona laga hai yani Tubelight ne usko barbaad kar diya hai yani Tubelight 1 flop hi nahi balki disaster film.

  14. Even I am too much disappointed with koimoi verdict that too second Saturday and Sunday collections are pending. I hope koimoi starts recruiting knowledgeable persons or else I will stop visiting the website.

  15. You all stupid, dont know how the verdict of hit or flop is decided. An akshay kumars film is made at around 40 to 50 cr thats why its called a hit on crossing 100 cr but this is not the case with tubelight….

    Today you have just gave a big dissappontment towards your readers or followers.
    What kinds of bad educated or illiterate writer you have appointed, I don’t know…!
    Before publishing any news, think neutrally & ethically.
    If you have any hostile relation with Salman Khan, don’t use this aggression in this site.
    You define what is flop, in what criteria it is flop???
    When SRK’s flim “Fan” earned only 80 crs domestically, then writers didn’t wrote any kind flop words or neglecting words, or any other movie like those who earned below 80cr in domestic box office including wellknown actor or actress.
    I love all Khan’s movies & other wellknown actors like Aksay Kumar, Hrittik Roshan, Varun Dhawan, Ranabir Kapoor etc.
    I’m not a die heart fan of Salman Khan, I’m just wanted to say that, don’t use any wrong word or rubbish word aggressivelly without knowing proper scenerio.
    First of all, you earn that kind of money & support flim industry day by day, after reaching that kinds of height, you can criticize but can’t say any selfish comments.
    Koimoi followers are not fool.
    Learn what is actually called flop, plus, hit, superhit, blockbuster, alltime blockbuster…
    You are going to lose one of your regular visitor from today onwards because of your ruthless, irresponsible title news…
    Shame on you

  17. If people consider movie Tubelight did not earn money at the boxoffice, they must consider Sultan or Bajrangi Bhaijaan had earned more money than deserved. Tubelight was a worse movie ever played by Salman. Either Sultan and BB were not even best movies as we considered if we compare with Bahubali and Dangal.

  18. It’s not a flop at all, in general. But when looking at it through Salman’s perspective, it’s a flop.

  19. 100 crore ki baat nhi film ki story ,acting value, or kitno logo ko film se fayda hu kitno ke paise dube, tubelight me bhut se logo ka nuksan ho gaya ,single screen walo ke to ticket bilkul nhi biki, Akshay Kumar ki film itni mahngi nhi bikti isliye distributer ko nuksan nhi hota h , isiliye Akshay ki film 100 crore me hit ho jati ,Akshay ki fees 30-35crore h jabki salman ki 50-60 crore h , tube light ko hit hone ke liy 160 crore chahiye India me tab distributors ko fayda to nhi par nuksan nhi hoga


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