Though it was never really on the cards, one just hoped against hope that lack of any other big Hindi release would keep audience interest sustained in Tubelight at the start of the second weekend. However, the word of mouth around the film has been so poor that there was no turnaround whatsoever. Read on to know if Tubelight is hit or flop.


More than the film being rejected for its content, it has been a complete dismissal on the part of audiences that has resulted in such steep downfall.

Box Office - Tubelight turns out to be a huge flop, no betterment in Week Two
Box Office – Tubelight turns out to be a huge flop, no betterment in Week Two

As has been seen in the recent times, especially during last six odd months, it’s not just the smallest but even the biggest of the films that are not even getting a chance at the Box Office if the word of mouth is bad on the first day itself. Once that happens, it is not as much as those limited audiences who have seen the film that spread the word around its content but even those who haven’t even watched it and still begin to show complete disinterest. That is killing many movies.

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This is what’s happening in case of Tubelight too that had its second Friday as a meager 2.50 crores*. Whether it is hardcore fans of Salman Khan or just the ‘aam junta’, there seems to have been a decision taken by one and all that Tubelight isn’t a film they want to invest their time and money. That has resulted in such an aberration for Salman Khan and a biggie of his that just 109.36 crore* have been collected so far.

A major flop!

*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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  1. Every Body Knows Tubelight is not a good movie but Tubelight has already crossed 100 Crore mark. Koimoi is showing the verdict as flop. It means now Koimoi will decide which movie is Hit or Flop. Box Office collection doesn’t matter to Koimoi.

    • Even collections are 120 cr there will be around 60cr distributor share
      Means there is around 75cr loss to distributors
      As distributors purchased it at around 135cr.
      So movie is major flop

      • Bhai Nilesh, Now you please check the latest verdict of tubelight of koimoi..Koimoi changed its verdict ..Now Tubelight is not Flop…Koimoi writers decide everything beforehand which is not right. They should wait till the time film is running at the theatre.

    • the production cost of tubelight is 100cr. but they sold this film to distributors for around 150 cr. Also adding tv right and songs sold for more than 100 cr. so salman n their productions are in profit but distributors and exibitors are in huge loss.

    • U don’t know how flops and hits are decided. Flop means the money earned by the film is less than the amt invested.

    • Box office collection does matter. Its a simple math. No matter if the box office collections are 100 crore or 200 crore, but if the cost of making the movie is more then the box office collection it is a flop, cus movie is not able to recover its cost. Same thing goes for small budget movies, like many in the past, which only make 45 to 50 crore but were declared hits cus their cost was much less then the collection, hence everyone from makers to distributors to exhibitor made money.

  2. If you show AMIR KHAN wrestling in HARYANA then the movie will start picking. And will end up collecting 2 THOUSAND CRORE. HA HA HA HA HA HA.

  3. I am a regular follower of koimoi. I go through it 10 times a day but today I am too disappointed by the very irresponsible verdict that tubelight is a major flop. According to your criteria tubelight must gain a plus status as verdict. The budget of this movie is 100 crores and it has already gained and crossed that margin. Though it is not a complete hit or a blockbuster but the movie cannot be considered as average or flop. Whoever has written that news is a irresponsible and immatured person. So please select wise, clever and updated person to go through news in your website otherwise this site will gradually Lise it’s popularity.

    • I was also surprised when koimoi declared the producer collection figures for krish3 and also for kabil and where as for Raees the producer figures were ignored and koimoi own data figures collected from distributors which were incomplete published. Sad to see this attitude from a professional magazine such as koimoi.


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