Katrina Kaif And Shah Rukh Khan Jab Tak hai Jaan Movie Stills
Katrina Kaif And Shah Rukh Khan Jab Tak hai Jaan Movie Stills

Making some great collections at the domestic box office, Jab Tak Hai Jaan has also scored large at the overseas box office. The movie grossed over 3.5 Million USD (Rs. 19 Crores)at the overseas box office in just 3 days. This proves that Shah Rukh Khan is still a winner at the overseas box office. The King of Romance has 15 overseas hits (between 2000 and 2011) to his cap and Jab Tak Hai Jaan is sure to add another feather to it.


The Yash Chopra directed film has made about 49 Crores in its 3 days run at the domestic box office. It is only a matter of time before the Bollywood Biggie emerges to be a hit.

So, what do you think – In how many days will JTHJ reach 100 crores club? Click here to Vote.

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  1. JAB TAK HAI JAAN- A Movie with innumerable PLOTHOLES..Read on to find out more..

    While die-hard Shah Rukh Khan fans have been queuing up at the theatres to watch his latest release Jab Tak Hai Jaan, several of our cinephiles wrote to us pointing to some of the obvious loopholes in the storyline. Here’s food for thought then…

    At the beginning of the film, Anushka Sharma’s perfect ‘dry’ body has been captured jumping off a small island in the middle of a lake. How did she reach the island without getting wet? Also, how did she almost drown when she claims to be a national level swimming champion and even a deep-sea diver later in the film?

    A young Katrina in the film looked like a foreigner. Did her skin and hair colour change over the years?

    How was SRK hired by the Indian Army after the age of 25. That too directly in the elite bomb defusion unit without prior training? What luck!

    If BBC was interested in doing a documentary on Samar Anand (SRK), wouldn’t the news organisation be required to fly their representatives to Ladakh (where he is stationed) to do a project on him, instead of summoning the Army man all the way to London?

    While SRK’s character is shown suffering from retrograde amnesia, his doctors reason that if he meets Akira (Anushka Sharma), his memories might spring back. But didn’t he meet her as soon as he opened his eyes post his accident?

    There is one more loop hole in the scene just before SRK kisses Katrina i.e 10 yrs ago in the story. There were posters of Intel Ultrabook advertisements on the train station… How come Ultrabooks were a prediction in 2002….? Even Intel didn’t have the vision at that time.

    What a coincidence that when an Indian meets with an accident abroad or falls sick, he is always attended to by a desi doctor.

    Strange that the London police allow a civil-clothed SRK to jaywalk into the scene of a bomb scare without checking his credentials. And don’t they have bomb specialists of their own?


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