Singh Saab The Great on its 1st Monday at the box office saw a customary weekday drop in its numbers. The film which has been faring substantially well so far went on to make 2.75 crores on its 1st Monday. Now, the film’s domestic total rests at 19 crores after the lapse of four days at the box office.

Sunny Deol in a still from Singh Saab The Great
Sunny Deol in a still from Singh Saab The Great


Being a mass catering venture, Singh Saab The Great scored over the other release because of its great hold over single screens. Performing well in many circuits, the film’s primary target at the moment will be recovering its investment from the box office.

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  1. Its really sad to see a poor response for sstg …the movie is so good with some real action from deol… action movies work well these days …
    Sunny is the real action king bit seems audience is used to un real stupid action

  2. I watched the ramleela from internet print and its really so bad movie. Its really not a family entertainer. how much cheap acts in the movie but still this movie is doing well because indian audience is liking this type of shit today. very sad really very sad.. everyone praising SSTG but why the collection of movie is not rising. I am surprised response from people is so fantastic for SSTG but collection are low WHY?


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