Ekta Kapoor’s Shootout At Wadala which graciously claimed the overseas box office last weekend, continued to perform steadily. The film till its second Sunday performed stably.

SAW’s total earnings in U.K has zeroed on 1.28 crores, with its second weekend collections snowballing to £ 14,432 from 15 screens.

The film’s U.S.A collections rested at 1.85 crores with its summed up earnings on its second weekend amounting to $ 61,604 from 89 screens. Despite running for a week, the film maintained its lofty performance in the two most pivotal circuits overseas.

Anil Kapoor in Shootout At Wadala Movie Stills
Anil Kapoor in Shootout At Wadala Movie Stills

The film fared well in its Australia circuit too with earning a good amount of 64.07 lacs so far. The film’s second weekend collections in the circuit was marked at A$ 18,086 on 11 screens. The film managed an escalated income in New Zealand too where the profits reached 11.94 lacs.

John Abraham and Anil Kapoor starrer Shootout At Wadala is based on the real life encounter of 70s’ gangster Manya Surve. John’s portrayal of the character has earned him rave reviews from all and sundry, deeming it the most power house work of his career. The film’s performance at the domestic box office is soaring and it already stands amongst the year’s top 3 money spinners!

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