Exclusive report by Koimoi.com Editor Komal Nahta on the box-office fate of Salman Khan’s Chillar Party and Emraan Hashmi-starrer Murder 2. Plus the box-office collections and analysis of Delhi Belly, Bbuddah Hoga Terra BaapTransformers and Ready.

Salman Khan promotions Chillar party and Emraan Hashmi promoting Murder 2
Salman Khan promoting Chillar party and Emraan Hashmi promoting Murder 2

Emraan Hashmi’s Murder 2: 1st week box-office (July 8-14)

Murder 2 has taken the industry by surprise. It has performed as excellently in multiplexes as in single-screen cinemas; and has fetched as impressive numbers in ‘A’ class centres as in ‘B’ and ‘C’ class centres. Its opening weekend’s net collection of Rs. 22.5 crore was absolutely fantastic, considering that the film was neither a big-budget fare nor did it star any of the three hot Khans. The film added Rs. 14 crore in the last four days of the first week to take its total at the end of week 1 to Rs. 36.5 crore. Bombay city & suburbs contributed Rs. 2.94 crore whereas Delhi city added Rs. 3.30 crore. Gujarat seemed to have liked the Murder sequel very much because a centre like Ahmedabad gave a net figure of over Rs. 1.23 crore.

It seems, sequels are the way to move forward. In recent times, at least three sequels have taken lovely initials. Bheja Fry 2 took a start which was better than its merits; Double Dhamaal also recorded excellent collections in the first weekend in spite of a medium star cast. Of course, Murder 2 was not a third as costly as Double Dhamaal, and that’s the best part of the success story of the Murder sequel.

Salman Khan’s Chillar Party: 1st week box-office (July 8-14)

Salman Khan’s sustained promotion and Ranbir Kapoor’s song-dance could not help Chillar Party much. The film took a dismal start last week and it failed to pick up at most of the centres. No doubt, the film will now stand to benefit a bit because of the tax exemption it has obtained but that’s only in Maharashtra. The film may be a low-budget fare but the fact remains, it is a dull fare, too, at the box-office! The producers ought not to have released the children’s film in the week they did because the families and kids were all geared up for Harry Potter, another film for the children (and the grown-ups too), which was scheduled a week later. Had Chillar Party come in a better week – and one without an opposition like Murder 2, it would’ve performed better.

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