Lafangey Parindey is low on merits as it fails to touch the heart. Strong emotions and hit music could’ve made a big difference, but without them, it remains too ordinary a fare to leave an impact. In spite of a moderate budget, the film will not be able to make profits as its business in multiplexes will be average and in single-screen cinemas, below average. Publicity: good but not exciting enough. Opening was below the mark at most of the places.

The other two releases this week, Amol Palekar’s …And Once Again and Bitch Slap had dull openings. Flop.

Aamir Khan’s Peepli Live has done fantastic business. First week’s share from India is over Rs. 10 crore! The film also did very well in the weekend in the US and Gulf. Total collections Rs. 13,52,24,201 from 296 cinemas.

Among other releases last week, Help is dull. Total Rs. 1,38,94,005 from 236 cinemas. Maut Ke Saudagar (dubbed) is less than ordinary. Total Rs. 1,12,78,106 from 136 cinemas. The Expendables (E.) is not upto the mark. Total Rs. 1,31,21,649 from 109 cinemas.

Anil Kapoor and PVR’s Aisha drops further. Total collections in its second week, Rs. 1,77,17,511 from 162 cinemas.

Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai yielded good shares again in its third week. Total collections Rs. 3,00,55,821 from 256 cinemas.

Detailed collections:

No. Film Week Collection No. of Prints Average per print
1 Peepli Live 1st 13,52,24,201 296 4,56,839
2 Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 3rd 3,00,55,821 256 1,17,406
3 Aisha 2nd 1,77,17,511 162 1,09,367
4 Help 1st 1,38,94,005 236 58,873
5 Maut Ke Saudagar (dubbed) 1st 1,12,78,106 136 82,927

India Box Office Collections for the week of August 13 – August 19, 2010 (Figures in Rs.)

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