The Bombay high court on March 21 granted relief to Dilip Dhanwani, producer of Vadh, in a suit filed by Nana Patekar in a cheque-bouncing case, by giving him an opportunity to explain under what circumstances the cheque of Rs. 25 lakh was issued to the actor.

Nana Patekar Takes Vadh Producer To Court

Dhanwani stated that the cheque was issued under coercion. Apparently, Nana had signed ‘Vadh’ for Rs. 75 lakh and was issued cheques for Rs. 50 lakh dated March 27, 2002 and for Rs. 25 lakh dated June 30, 2002. Patekar said that when he deposited the Rs. 25 lakh cheque, it was not honoured by the bank. The actor claimed that his remuneration was fixed at Rs. 1 crore. Dhanwani argued that Patekar’s remuneration was fixed at Rs. 25 lakh, and that the actor was to be paid further remuneration depending on the film’s success. Vadh bombed at the box-office.

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