Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor starrer Mausam opened to houses ranging from good to very good across India. While multiplexes recorded collections between 50% and 100%, the attendance in single screen cinemas was quite dull.

Shahid Kapoor May Make A Loss


Mausam has cost Rs. 42 crore (excluding Shahid Kapoor’s complete remuneration). The sale of satellite rights has fetched around Rs. 12-13 crore; music rights must have fetched another Rs. 5 crore; this leaves Rs. 24-25 crore to be recovered from Indian and overseas theatrical business to break even.

Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor (Mausam Movie Wallpaper)

While the film may just about cover its cost and possibly yield part commission to its distributors, Shahid Kapoor may not be lucky enough to get his balance remuneration because the film will not prove to be a profitable proposal beyond fetching part commission. In any case, Shahid Kapoor and his director-dad Pankaj Kapur own 50% of the negative of the film. The balance 50% is held by producers Eros International and Sheetal Talwar equally.

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  1. I’m so gonna watch mausam….and atleast twice. I tild my ma and pa abt the silly reviews but they still were so gung-ho abt it. As far as i know… my extended family here in New Jersey is going for this movie, so are my collegues and also my friends…..

    I think Mausam is a journey to be experienced.You cant expect the pace of Dabang from it. Though i love Salman but i didnt find Dabang to be a good movie in any sense..but i was certainly happy for Salman as i like him as a person & always want his movies to do well.
    MY name is khan had a superbly & howlariously flawed & so was Rabne where the girl cudnt recognise her pati just coz he shaved his mustaches & styled himself differently…. that was idiotic..but still critics were positive. Indian critics are hypocrites.

    The audience is has given their verdict to Mausam and they are loving it. They loved Sasha & Sona. We love them too. Here’s to Mausam, Pankaj Sir, Sasha & Sonam… We will…. we will.. rock it….. Hip hip Hurray….Hip Hip Hurray.


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