Despite releasing on Thursday and in the process gaining an additional day for the weekend, Rajinikanth starrer Kaala [Hindi] has turned out to be a no-show at the box office. The film just didn’t have any kind of buzz going for it and met with extremely lukewarm response even though there were low expectations.


The collections were barely 6 crores and that is a pity since Rajinikanth’s Robot [2010] had done better with 8 crores coming in a regular three day weekend. Moreover that was eight years back. Moreover, even Kabali [2016], which was again a rejected film, had a much higher weekend of 15 crore. However the manner in which Kaala is going, it would find it tough to have this as its lifetime collections.

Box Office - Kaala [Hindi] has a very poor extended weekend
Kaala Hindi Box Office: Has A Very Poor Extended Weekend!


It is now quite obvious that the whole hype surrounding Rajinikanth as a cinematic phenomenon is restricted to the world of internet and social media, at least when it comes to the Hindi belt. Considering the fact that even down South the film has seen an underwhelming response, the writing is clear on the wall.

That said, it is expected to be a different story when his 2.0 comes and that’s because it is a sequel to Robot which was a major film. Moreover, the film has Akshay Kumar in a principle role and that would allow the combination of two major forces, hence bringing back smiles yet again for Rajinikanth fans.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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