Box Office - Indoo Ki Jawaani has a slow start
Box Office – Indoo Ki Jawani has a slow start

Indoo Ki Jawani had a slow start at the box office on Friday. It was predicted in this column that the Kiara Advani starrer would open around 50 lakhs mark on its opening day. However, the numbers were around half of that with 25 lakhs* coming in. Though this was also due to the fact that certain theatres couldn’t screen the film in the morning due to tussle between producers and exhibitors, the fact still remains that the opening is quite low.

On a regular Friday Indoo Ki Jawani would have aimed for an opening day number of 1-1.50 crores and then rely on word of mouth to take it through. However, one can give some kind of leeway given the pandemic situation. Hence, a 50 lakhs start would have been more optimal. That said, the film is now playing at all properties where it was supposed to screen which means if there is indeed an audience waiting for it, there should be jump evidenced today. If not, then that would mean that regardless of showcasing, the film would have struggled on the opening day.



During pre-COVID scenario, films like Indoo Ki Jawani used to jump at least 70%-80% on Saturdays. However, it is a different ballgame currently and one can’t quite sense the sentiments of the audiences. It would be a while before the regular weekend jumps would be seen, though more importantly what is required is to have an inflow of good out and out commercial films that indeed bring audiences back in theatres.

*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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