Akshay Kumar’s Gabbar Is Back has entered its 3rd Week run yesterday. After making a moolah of 79.50 crores in 14 days (2 Weeks), the film now has started showing a considerable drop in its business. Gabbar Is Back saw a huge dip in its collections yesterday. It made a business of 75 lakhs on its 3rd Friday, taking its 15 days nett India total to 80.25 crores at the Box Office.

Akshay Kumar in a still from 'Gabbar Is Back' movie poster
Akshay Kumar in a still from ‘Gabbar Is Back’ movie poster


The movie might now struggle to beat the year’s Highest Grosser – Baby, which is yet another Akshay Kumar film. It may end its lifetime run in the range of 85 to 87 crores.

None of Akki’s movie so far in 2015 could make it to the coveted 100 crore club. Will his August release Brothers be Akshay’s 1st 2015 movie to achieve the feat?

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  1. Akshay Kumar is the only superstar who has 4-5 movies releasing every year. In 2007 Akki gave 4 back to back hits with Namaste London, Hey Baby, Bhool Bhulaiya and Welcome. Most superstars do only 1 or max 2 movies in a year, fearing overexposure and they know that it will be difficult to give superhits if they release more than 1or 2 movies a year. Some like Aamir and Hritik give 1 film in 2 years. And they earn money from the Advertisments that they do. But Khiladi gives us 3-4 movies a year.And puts his Superstardom on the line every year. Some times he wins at other times he loses. And that is why he is called a Khiladi ( A Player). He plays because he likes the game.Winming and loosing is part of the game. But because of superstars like him there is reason for Indian film industry to celebrate.

    In 2013 he has had 5 releases yet out of which 3 are being blockbuster earners( Housefull 2, Rowdy Rathore and OMG) and one an average hit ( Khiladi 786 -loved by mass audience) and one flop(Joker). In
    year 2014 he has Special 26 which was loved bycritics and was successful as well.
    Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Again and Boss flopped but OUATIMA was a good performance and it did badly because of bad timing as Sharukh played foul with the release of Chennai Express.

    Last year he had Holiday which was apreciated by masses and classes and made it to the coveted 100 crore club.
    Then Its Entertainment a movie in which a dog was the a parallel lead along with Akki was appreciated
    by children and adults alike and was also an average success(75 crores) . Its Entertainment also got the highest TRP when released on TV. The Shaukeens was an adult comedy but still was not crass and vulgar like most adult comedies. And though Akki played a special apperiance and it was a movie of 3 old men, the film was not a complete washout as it still recovered its investment.Critics also loved Shaukeens.

    This year saw the release of his highly anticipated Baby directed by talented Neeraj Pandey. This film is the best film made ever in its genre and has floored all major critics and audiences. And is on its way to glory.
    And now we have Gabbar is back which is appreciated by the masses and classes.It made money all over in A, B and C grade centres. Which is very profitable for the industry as a whole. is
    And this year till now Akki films-Baby and Gabbar are the highest grossers till now for a hit starved film industry.

    When a superstar does 1 big ticket film the employment generated by that for all directly and
    indirectly associated with it is tremendous. A lot of people get employment like directors, other
    actors and actresses,script and story writers, editors, assistants, spot boys, musicians, distributors,
    exhibitors, theatre owners, dance directors and dancers and caterers, extras etc get jobs. And Akshay Kumar
    takes the risk of doing 4-5 big ticket films every year. So he churns the wheels of employment
    and economics in the film industry and hence he is called a Parallel film industry in himself.
    Now with his Hari Om Productions catering to commercial cinema and his Grazing Goat Production
    catering to art and meaningful cinema he is straddling so many bastions as a producer , actor,
    modeland superstar. He is also the highest Income Tax Paying celebrity, for many years in a row.

    After all these achievement he is still the most humble, punctual, well behaved ,down to earth,
    and disciplined superstar one has ever seen. He is also health conscious,
    sports loving, versatile actor who has mastered comedy, drama, action and what have you….He
    is the ultimate idol for youth and a beacon of hope and aspiration for countless millions in
    India and across the world. Akshay Kumar is in a very enviable position now. But hits or not
    everyone will still love him. He is India’s pride.

    Hats off to Superstar Akshay Kumar. I think he is the only superstar in today’s times or for that matter
    only actor who is doing such varied roles. And with great finesse too. Brilliant …From his great comic
    roles in Hera Pheri series, Housefull series and other comic capers, to his action roles, to the wasted
    cricketer of Patiala House, to playing Dawood Ibrahim-India’s most wanted Don in OUATIMD, to playing a military
    officer on holiday, in Holiday, to the secret service agent on a mission in Baby, to the massy Boss, to playing
    an alcoholic superstar Akshay Kumar in The Shaukeens, to playing adorable Lord Krishna in OMG-Oh My God. Such
    an envious track. Akki is truly a one of the best versatile actors ever in India. Hats off to you Akki.

    Warning: Now the only thing Akshay Kumar needs to do is stop walking around at public functions sporting a salt-and-pepper- old-man look when he is so young looking and handsome.Or it will affect his popularity.


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