Frozen 2 Box Office Day 2 Advance Booking: Disney’s latest Hollywood release has thrown a pleasant surprise here in India. The film which got a good response at Indian Box Office on Day 1 has continued to surprise on Day 2 also.


Frozen 2‘s Day 2 advance booking trends are extremely encouraging as the film is catering to a huge number of the target audience which is kids and their parents and that’s why there are so many housefull and filling fast shows being recorded all over India in major cities.

Let’s have a look at how the film is performing in some of the major cities:

Frozen 2 Box Office Day 2 Advance Booking: The Icy-Queens Recieve A Warm Welcome From Audience!
Frozen 2 Box Office Day 2 Advance Booking: The Icy-Queens Recieve A Warm Welcome From Audience!


In Mumbai, Frozen seems to have become a huge franchise as there are 85-90% HF & FF shows in English 2D format, 50% in English 3D, 75-80% in English IMAX 3D, 90% in English 4DX 3D, 100% in English MX4D.

Hindi 3D has also got 25-30% of the shows filling fast.


Delhi/NCR is also going extremely well in almost all versions. English 3D has got 45-50% HF & FF shows. English 4DX 3D has 75%, English IMAX 3D has 75%. Hindi 3D has got 20-25% & Hindi 4DX 3D is somewhere in 80-85% range.



Bengaluru has come on its own with superb advance booking all over. In English 3D format there are about 55-60% shows going housefull and filling fast. English IMAX 3D has got 100% shows HF and FF. English 4DX 3D also has 100%. Hindi 3D has 60-65% & Hindi 4DX 3D has 100%.


Hyderabad is no different. English 4DX 3D is 100% here while English 3D is in the 55-60% range. English 2D also has 75% filling fast & housefull shows. Hindi 3D has got 50% hf and ff shows while Hindi 2D has got 25%.


Ahmedabad is little but weak with English 3D receiving 20-25% HF and FF shows so far. English 4DX 3D is 100% but there are less no of shows. Hindi 2D and 3D have got 15-20% shows filling fast and housefull so far.


Chennai is also very good with English 3D format having 85-90% shows HF & FF and English IMAX 3D boasting of 100%.


Kolkata is doing fine with English 2D receiving 100% shows receiving healthy occupancies. English 3D has 20-25% shows and English IMAX 3D has 75%.

Hindi 2D & 3D formats haven’t got much response here.

Overall, a very healthy Day 2 for Frozen 2 is on cards.

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