The advance booking for Shah Rukh Khan’s much-awaited thriller Fan has commenced from yesterday and the responses are quite startling. With all the Shah Rukh Khan fans excited to flock to theaters for this one, the film’s shows in certain cities such as Mumbai and Delhi have gone upto 20 in one day. The ticket rates have been hiked and hence for a night show in the VIP class, one may have to fetch tickets ranging from 1000- 2000 rupees.


Here’s a city wise break down of the advance bookings for the weekend so far :

Delhi :
Delhi is one of the major consumers when it comes to cinema and hence major multiplexes and single screens have opened the advance bookings. For Friday i.e the release day of the film, the morning shows are mostly sold out. Also the late evening shows are mostly going full.

The bookings for Saturday evening shows is sold out including tickets ranging from 1000 to 2200 rupees which shows the film’s huge appeal.

For Sunday, the morning and matinee shows on a filling fast mode

Fan Advance Booking Report : Region Wise Break Down
Fan Advance Booking Report : Region Wise Break Down

Mumbai :
Mumbai being an important circuit for business, the Friday bookings are huge. Morning shows are on a filling fast mode where as, evening and late evening shows also filling fast and sold out at certain screens.

For Saturday, there is almost full and filling fast mode for morning shows. Night shows at multiplexes are sold out. The ticket prices are as high as 700 for the night shows.

Morning shows and matinee shows on Sunday are almost full. The booking for late night shows may surge by Friday.

Pune :
In Pune, the morning shows for Friday are housefull in most cases. The evening and night shows too are on a filling fast mode.

The Saturday booking seems to be a little lesser. Other than a few morning and matinee shows filling fast, not much response for evening shows can be seen as yet.

For Sunday, only morning shows are showing bookings and major theaters are yet to open their booking windows for Sunday.

Bangalore :
Bangalore has recorded an average advance booking so far. For Friday, the morning and late evening shows are showing good responses.

For Saturday, not many screens are showing bookings. A few morning and matinee shows are on a filling fast mode.

Sunday bookings for the late night shows are better.

Fan Advance Booking Report : Region Wise Break Down
Fan Advance Booking Report : Region Wise Break Down

Chennai : (Only two screens opened yet with 4 shows on an average in the day)

Chennai has only two screens opened yet with 4 shows in the day yet. With these limited screens the Friday bookings for nights shows is full where as Sunday booking for morning shows is picking up.

Hyderabad :
Hyderabad is showing a great response for the Shah Rukh film. For Friday morning, most shows are almost full or sold out. A similar scene can be observed for its late night shows as well.

Saturday too looks great with most shows on filling fast or almost full mode.

Sunday could be big in Hyderabad as most shows in the day are showing a filling fast sign.

Kolkata :
Shah Rukh’s charm is all over Kolkata too. Friday looks big with morning shows going houseful in most cases.

The bookings for Saturday are surging and evening shows are filling fast.

Even Sunday has overall most of the shows on a filling fast mode





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