Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan, despite lack of competition, couldn’t benefit much in its 2nd Weekend at the Box Office.


As a result, the film managed to collect just 7.75 crores in its kitty. Fan has collected 79.25 crore now and one doesn’t expect weekdays to bring on much moolah.

Shah Rukh Khan in a still from Fan
Shah Rukh Khan in a still from Fan

Theatrically, the film has flopped though sales of ancillary rights and entire distribution by Yash Raj Films means that ultimately there would be break even.




    • srk is worst over actor of our times……he cant learn after 20 years in industry……HE IS ALWAYS SRK ..NEVER THE CHA]RACTER…………….initialy he was successful coz he got the roles that suited his personality,manerisms and over acting style…he could only do those kind of roles……………..AFTER THAT HE WAS TOTALLY EXPOSED……………….HE HAS GIVEN MOST RUBBISH MOVIES IN LAST 10 YEARS…..ITS OVER…FINALLY AUDIENCE KNOWS IT

      • Very good. U know that. congratulation.
        But somehow I love this FAN movie even it is flop by collection.
        I love this movie same time i also hate Dilwale, Happy New Year and so on.
        I love his acting in FAN and at the same time I also dislike his acting in Dilwale, Happy New Year and others like that.

        Somehow ppl r blind in Stardom.
        And you are something like that. You are very effected with another STARDOM thats why even you r not ready to appreciate SRK for the performance in FAN movie.

      • Oh realy..
        Then u dnt know anything about acting.
        Agr pta hota to u shud hav know that his chakde, his swades, don2, even chennai express, darr, bazigar etc etc etc.. In which he did a brilliant acting has with him..
        N he is having max no of filmfare awards under his belt..
        Even in fan movie he did a magnificiant job..
        As an actor he is d best..

      • yet people talk about him and yet you use his name to get the likes and focus. yet you think he is worth writing about!! you may hate him or try to put him down as much as possible, but you cannot ignore this man!!

    • SUPER DUPER FLOP………………..BIGGEST FLOP OF LAST 5 YEARSplease don’t make fun of srk ..he is the king of OVERRRRR ACTING


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