The first weekend box office collections for Dabangg were record collections. The film garnered a net collection of Rs. 470 million. The Salman Khan starrer totaled Rs. 142.5 million on Friday, Rs. 157.5 million on Saturday and Rs. 170 millon on Sunday.

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‘Dabangg’ Breaks All Records
The first weekend box office collections for ‘Dabangg’ broke all records even as it overtook the weekend collections of Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots (Rs. 41 million) and Ghajini (Rs 400 million) too. The film is on way to become a big hit.

The film’s promotion did the trick. Moreover, Salman Khan was seen in a role that was liked by the public. The film also had some very good music and hot songs, notably Lalit Pandit’s ‘Munni Badnaam Hui’ and Sajid-Wajid’s ‘Tere Mast Mast Do Nain’. The film’s music, promos and innovative trailers did the trick, and broke all previous box office records for the first, second and third days.

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Khan Family’s Gain
No one had expected the film to do so well – not Salman Khan, producer Arbaaz Khan or debut-making director Abhinav Kashyap. But the film industry does spring up a lot of surprises and ‘Dabangg’ is certainly the surprise of the year.

Abbaaz Khan, who besides being the producer, also distributed the film in the Delhi-U.P., Punjab and CI trade circuits, will make a lot of money as the film’s cost was Rs. 400 million. The first week’s distributor share for ‘Dabangg’ will be Rs. 400 million, thus recovering the film’s cost in from the first week’s collections of India. It can safely be assumed that the producer and distributors stand to rake in many more millions.

Overseas Jalwa

‘Dabangg’ not only had record collections in India but also in the overseas circuits. In London, the Salman Khan starrer garnered 1,00,000 pounds, the highest so far for a  Salman Khan solo film. Down Under, in Australia, the film totaled 80,000 dollars, which is also a record. The film also did well in the Middle East.

All previous Salman Khan solo starrers, including last year’s Wanted, have been surpassed by ‘Dabangg’, making the film a super blockbuster.

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