Finally the red letter day has arrived as Shah Rukh Khan’s most overwhelming release of the year is all set to hit the theaters today. As reported earlier, the multiplexes have seen a phenomenal advance booking response with more than 80% of shows having been booked in the 1st three days of the film’s advance booking initiation.

Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone in Chennai Express Movie Stills
Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone in Chennai Express Movie Stills


As of now, the estimates suggest that most multiplexes and single screens can smoothly assure a 80%-85% occupancy for its preview shows in multiplexes. However, in single screens the frenzy is even more insurmountable as the film’s advance booking have neared 90%occupancy already.

Being one of the year’s most blockbuster release, the film’s weekend shows are mostly booked off already. Box office predictions are also estimating newer income trends at the domestic circuit, with the film gearing up to smash quite a few prevalent records and build newer ones.

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  1. The film has been dubbed in 10 languages. It will be a big disappointment and a dud in 10 different languages. What do you expect from Rohit Shetty “Ishtyle” of bland film making with an ageing star doing a not so authentic lungi dance or whatever. Get set Poo Poo

      • Dude ! iSalman has just ” Has hit Streak ” aamir khan Post Ghajini was nobody, SRK ? lol The name is enough, needs no INTRODUCTION WORLD WIDE.

        lol SRK’s last flop in india was ” paheli ” none did FLOP after that, Lemme tell you ” Number of awards SRK has not even bachan has, SRK doesnt ” DUB ” south indian MOVIES like SALMAN did, Wanted,Body Guard, READY ( ALL REMAKES ) hahaha ” SRK did SWADESH, CDI, MY NAME IS KHAN< DARR, BAAZIGAR lol SRK ………….. worlds biggest super star RESPECT !!!!!!

    • SRK is the best! He proved it again, just check the advance booking 90% opening, awesome. Hit in overseas as well.

  2. Q: What will happen if chennai express flop ?
    My Ans: Every director will think twice before sighning Srk in their film. :D

  3. It’s like a festival King’s arrival :) I am requesting all other actor’s fan to behave properly. Respect the greatest entertainer of all time KINGSRK


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