Chennai Express has indeed surpassed Koimoi’s expectations by picking up pace greater than what we had expected. For its preview shows, we had estimated an earning of 5 crores, but the film saw its actuals at 6.75 crores at the Box Office.


On its opening day, the film contradicted our approximates by a wide margin as the film made an earning of 33.10 crores at the domestic box office. Given our estimates of 25 crores, the film smoothly superseded the same.

Now for Day 2, or its 1st Saturday, we had expected a 20% growth from its Day 1 which is usual for all films. And hence now, the range has increased to an approximate of 40 crores on Day 2 given the response on its 1st day.

Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone in Chennai Express Movie Stills
Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone in Chennai Express Movie Stills

For day 3, the film should see a 15% pickup from its Saturday numbers. And now the film should easily earn in the range above 46 crores.

So the film might venture into the 100 crore club by the conclusion of its 1st Sunday itself. Hence going by its pace and day-on-day growth, there’s a chance the film might simply reach the 100 crore club in merely 3 days even by excluding its paid preview collections altogether. Hitting a new hilt of record, this SRK film will create new shattering records at the box office.

With the hike in ticket prices at multiplexes all over India and single screens running housefull persistently, this isn’t a tough feat to attain for the film that has began its run with thumping strength.

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  1. dont think movi will grow of saturdy & sunday beacuse of huge opening day the movie will felldown 15% to 20% on 2nd & 3rd day,every big grosser movie movie fell on 2nd & 3rd day as ett,dabang2,bodyguard…CE is nice movie with superb entertnment..enjoy it..


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