Box Office: Soorma showed growth on expected lines as 5.05 crores more came on Saturday. Compared to Friday numbers of 3.25 crores, this is a decent jump though one expected more since there was capacity available to bring in added footfalls. The need of the hour for the film is to keep the momentum on and bring in further jump on Sunday as well.


That would be the deciding factor for the film to have stable Mondays, so that it is in for a chance to bag a good overall total.

Box Office - Soorma shows expected growth on Saturday, Ant Man And The Wasp leads
Box Office: Soorma Shows Expected Growth On Saturday, Ant Man And The Wasp Leads!


Currently, the film stands at 8.30 crores and is chasing weekend total of films like 102 Not Out [16.65 crores] and Hichki [15.35 crores] which had opened to similar numbers on Friday. Both these films had actually trended quite well and managed to reach a lifetime of 52 crores and 45 crores respectively. Though that number won’t really be coming in for Soorma, it could well be happy if a lifetime of 30 crore is crossed.

Meanwhile, Hollywood release Ant Man And The Wasp has thrown a pleasant surprise. The superhero film came out of nowhere and even with minimum publicity is actually bringing in some of the best numbers over the weekend, while comfortably surpassing Soorma. After clocking in 5.50 crores on Friday, it grew further on Saturday to bring in 7 crores. That has brought its overall total to 12.50 crores, hence ensuring that yet another Hollywood flick has managed to make its mark in India.

2018 is turning out to be a good year not just for Bollywood but also Hollywood films and now the success of Ant Man And The Wasp is a testimony of the same.

*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources




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