Pari releases today and it would be interesting to see how audiences lap up to Anushka Sharma in a horror genre.


This is the first time ever that the actress is being seen in a role like this and hence there is a curiosity to check out how she does in this kind of stage and setting.

Box Office - Pari to rely on word of mouth
Box Office – Pari to rely on word of mouth

The film’s promotion has been restricted in terms of not much revelation been made around what’s the real story.


There has been one mini-promo and a bunch of screamers that have been unveiled. Moreover, Anushka too hasn’t painted the town red talking about the film. Hence, there is a suspense factor around the content.

That said it also translates into the fact that eventually, it would be a word of mouth that would do the trick for the film. From the opening perspective, one can expect the first day to be in the vicinity of around 3 crores.

That would be a fair start though since from the commercials perspective the spent on the film has been controlled. If the content indeed turns out to be exciting, this collaboration between Clean Slate Films and KriArj Entertainment could well lead to many more associations.




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