There is a crowd building up at the Box Office this weekend. With as many as seven films set to arrive – Aligarh, Bollywood Diaries, Tere Bin Laden Dead Or Alive, Love Shagun, Rhythm, 1982 – A Love Marriage and Dhara 302, expect some harrowing times for the programmers at multiplexes who need to assign shows in the right proportions.


Really, there is nothing special about 26th February as a release date. It is not a holiday, there are no festivities round the corner, the board exams are not getting over (as a matter of fact they are about to start), there is no major cricket tournament round the corner, a biggie is not releasing in a week or two. Still, for some strange reasons, so many filmmakers seem to be fascinated by this date.

Box Office Predictions - Aligarh, Bollywood Diaries, Tere Bin Laden Dead Or Alive and 4 other releases
Box Office Predictions – Aligarh, Bollywood Diaries, Tere Bin Laden Dead Or Alive and 4 other releases

The three notable releases of the week are Aligarh, Bollywood Diaries and Tere Bin Laden Dead Or Alive. The first two films had at least announced their arrival on this date much in advance, though the third chose to move a week later, considering the fact that last week too had four theatrical releases.

Aligarh is carrying good reviews already, Bollywood Diaries boasts of an interesting premise while Tere Bin Laden Dead or Alive is sequel to a successful film. The clash means that collections would be divided between Day 1 and it would all boil down to reviews and word of mouth for a film to start talking from Saturday.

1982 – A Love Marriage and Dhara 302 are sudden releases and stand no chance. It would be a surprise if they get a good release. Love Shagun adds on to the series of ‘love‘ and ‘ishq‘ films while Rhythm is releasing after confusion around its arrival last week. These would add on to the struggle around just getting the right shows.

All in all, yet another week where better planning could have saved the day.

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  1. What is the point of this article when you don’t give any idea on the number of screens, film’s budget, money expected to recover costs and expected business. Don’t just write things for the sake of doing it. Add some real value to the reader in terms of information and insight. I think this comment should get more likes than the whole article itself!!!

  2. I totally agree with @bollywoodfan comment, please give us more information about screens, budget, and what the film needs to be a success. What’s the point of calling your article “box-office prediction” when there’s not any prediction ??

  3. And where are the predictions?What about the screen count? Budget,buzz,starpower, doesn’t everything come under the box office prediction of a film?Reading articles at koimoi makes me feel that even I can open a successful Bollywood website, for all that you write is just common sense.There is nothing anylitical in this,absolutely nothing. This is just common sense.Improve your quality of articles guys,and do so really fast,Cos you desperately need something better than this.


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