In great news for the industry, the Ajay Devgan – Emraan Hashmi starrer Once Upon A Time Mumbaai got off to a very good start with 100 per cent occupancy at places on Friday. The film took a good opening in Bombay and good to average opening at other places.

The other release this Friday, Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart starrer The Twilight Saga: Eclipse took an ordinary opening in Bombay and ordinary to fair opening at other places. The original English version has opened simultaneously and it is expected to fare better than the dubbed version.

Akhsay Kumar and Priyadarshan’s Khatta Meetha has yielded good shares on the strength of a decent start last week but the drop in collections was perceptible, if not alarming. The film’s total collections from its first week (July 23-29) were Rs. 21,11,62,041 from 440 cinemas.

Anurag Kashyap’s Udaan is fair in a handful of multiplexes and managed to garner total collections of Rs 45,30,734 from 69 screens in its second week.

The Angelina Jolie starrer, Salt (dubbed) did ordinary while Salt (English) did quite good. Abhishek Sharma’s Tere Bin Laden is steady at select multiplexes. Lamhaa has crashed and is breathing its last.  In its second week, the Sanjay Dutt – Bipasha Basu starrer amassed Total Rs. 21,42,426 from 104 cinemas.

Meanwhile, Inception (English) continues to do very well. In fact, its collections in the 2nd week are better than the 2nd week’s collections of many Hindi films. Total collections were 2,97,99,957 from 86 cinemas.

Detailed collections:

No. Film Week Collection No. of Prints
Average per print
1 Khatta Meetha 1st 21,11,62,041 440 4,79,914
2 Tere Bin Laden 2nd 1,43,41,426 169 84,861
3 Salt (dubbed) 1st 1,27,35,565 135 94,338
4 Udaan 2nd 45,30,734 69 65,663
5 Chakravyuh (dubbed) 2nd 34,01,597 50 68,032

Box Office Collections for the week of July 23 – July 29, 2010 (Figures in Rs.)

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