This week’s release, For Real, is a well-made film, it is too philosophical to make any mark at the box-office because it does not have commercial ingredients which the Indian audience looks for in a film. It will go without making any mark at the ticket windows though it may win critical acclaim and its opening was poor.


It was the Dabangg fever throughout the week. The film has broken all previous records of box-office collections in India, netting over Rs. 80 crore in its 1st week. The Salman Khan starrer also did fairly well in the overseas circuit in spite of being an action fare. ‘Dabangg’ has swept the box-office like a hurricane, smashing records and establishing new ones everywhere. Its first week’s share is approximately Rs. 46 crore! Total 66,63,88,837 from 816 cinemas.

Resident Evil 4: Maut Ke Baad Bhi… (dubbed) is ordinary. Total 83,03,628 from 82 cinemas. The English version Resident Evil: Afterlife is fair with a total 1,32,20,954 from 85 cinemas. We Are Family has crashed even further with total 1,39,34,647 from 221 cinemas.

Lafangey Parindey landed with a total 3,35,629 from 30 cinemas. Aamir Khan’s Peepli Live gathered a total 6,14,704 from 23 cinemas. Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai is still in the race with a total 7,02,997 from 24 cinemas.

Detailed collections:

No. Film Week Collection No. of Prints Average per print
1 Dabangg 1st 66,63,88,837 816 8,16,653
2 We Are Family 2nd 1,39,34,647 221 63,053
3 Resident Evil 4: Maut Ke Baad Bhi…(dubbed) 1st 83,03,628 82 1,01,264
4 Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 7th 7,02,997 24 29,292
5 Peepli Live 5th 6,14,704 23 26,726
6 Lafangey Parindey 4th 3,35,629 30 11,188

India Box Office Collections for the week of September 10 – September 16, 2010 (Figures in Rs.)





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