Box-office collections are at an all-time low, thanks partly to the dull pre-Diwali days. As the countdown to the two big Diwali releases has begun, speculation is at its peak in the trade about which

of the two – Golmaal 3 and Action Replayy – would take a better opening. Golmaal 3 has the advantage of the Golmaal brand, while the songs of Action Replayy are climbing the popularity charts.

Action Replayy Movie Poster, Golmaal 3 Movie Poster

Rakht Charitra has not found appreciation. The Telugu version has fared much better than the Hindi version. Total collections of the Hindi version of the film were Rs. 5,01,91,530 from

502 cinemas. Jhootha Hi Sahi has done ordinary in multiplexes but poor in single-screen cinemas. Investors will lose heavily. Total collections Rs. 6,41,81,689 from 342 cinemas. Hisss did well in single-screen cinemas, but the multiplex audience mostly kept away from the film due to excessive nudity. Total Rs. 2,97,94,344 from 295 cinemas. Dus Tola is an unmitigated disaster. Total collections Rs. 7,35,665 from 104 cinemas.

In the releases October 15th, Aakrosh has crashed and is on its way out of the theatres. Second week total collections Rs. 79,74,204 from 165 cinemas. Knock Out has been knocked out. Second week total collections were Rs. 25,44,132 from 111 cinemas.

Do Dooni Chaar, now in its third week clocked a total collection of Rs. 35,20,855 from 61 cinemas.

In last Friday’s (October 29) releases, none have fared even average. Here’s an analysis:

Nakshatra hardly thrills or chills. A non-starter, it will go largely unnoticed. h Publicity: ordinary. Opening was poor everywhere.

Maalik Ek is so weak that even a miracle can’t save it or see it sail through. Publicity: very poor. Opening was frighteningly weak everywhere.

Musaa – The Most Wanted will be made to feel very unwanted by the audience.

Publicity: bad. Opening was pathetic everywhere.

Daayen Ya Baayen will prove to be a supreme disaster – and not just because its promotion is poor!

Publicity & opening: very poor.

Piranha 3D Movie Poster, From Paris With Love Movie Wallpaper

Piranha 3D is a thriller-cum-horror movie but it is devoid of novelty. The business of the 3D version will be far better than that of the 2D version, but since not too many 3D prints have been released, the revenues will not be enough to cover the costs of the distributors. The dull pre-Diwali days and the poor opening the film has taken will come in the way of the profitability of the distributors.

Publicity: quite good. Opening was alright at cinemas screening 3D prints, but dull at most other cinemas screening 2D prints.

Jalwe Paris Ke (dubbed version of From Paris With Love) is a disappointment. It will not show any jalwa at the ticket windows.Publicity: so-so. Opening was poor almost everywhere.


No. Film Week Collections (Rs.) No. of prints Average per print (Rs.)
1 Jhootha Hi Sahi 1st 6,41,81,689 342 1,87,666
2 Rakht Charitra 1st 5,01,91,530 502 99,983
3 Hisss 1st 2,97,94,344 295 1,00,998
4 Aakrosh 2nd 79,74,204 165 48,329
5 Robot 4th 67,07,052 127 52,811

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