Bol Bachchan is sure to make Rohit Shetty hit a hattrick in the 100 Crore Club. The movie has done exceedingly well in the past 3 weeks and is all set to enter the 4th week with the expectation of touching the magic figure. After it’s 3 week run at the Indian box office Bol Bachchan so far has grossed a 94.05 Crores. The Thursday box office collections of the movie was around 0.75 Crores which is not at all bad for a movie in it’s 3rd week. Bol Bachchan grossed an approx figure of 10 Crores in it’s 3rd week at the Indian Box Office. Another week at the Box Office guarantees Bol Bachchan the 100 Crore destiny.

Ajay Devgan, Abhishek Bachchan In Bol Bachchan Movie Stills
Ajay Devgan, Abhishek Bachchan In Bol Bachchan Movie Stills

After a tremendous start in the 1st week, the movie’s box office collections  fell a bit thanks to releases like Cocktail and The Dark Knight Rises. However, the fact that even if the movie doesn’t do well at the multiplexes anymore it is still doing good in single screen theaters keeps the hope of the 100 Crore alive. However, with today’s much awaited release of Kya Super Kool Hain Hum the movie is sure to suffer even in single screen theaters. Let’s see what the coming week has in store for Bol Bachchan.

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  1. bol bachchan already cross the 100 crore in 3rd weeks
    we are congratulate to rohit shetty and ajay devgan jodi again bb hatrick.

  2. Why there are collection diffrances between taran aadarsh and komal nahata.
    Please explain.
    Taranji said it already crossed 100 cr but you and boi said 94 cr figure.

    • ई कई है की कोमल नाहटो को कॅल्क्युलेशन अलग ही दुनिया को रेवे,,अणी वास्ते सब इन्हे बेंडो केवत है

  3. iam also surprissing why kamal,s koimio and boxofficeday are ignoring bol bachchan has Crossed 100 crorre as production compandy of the film has officially confirmed so blease dont make the film confussed and clear that isue mr kamal mehta sir”

  4. You guys are only talking about indian box-office wht about the overseas coll,if added wht will be the grand total till date..pls give us the proper figure…

  5. bol bachan is realy good movie, fully entaitained but krishna acting not realy good, worst act…he is only can act in stang show like comedy circus… abhishek did superb here..he shows his talent..


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