Ranbir Kapoor in a Barfi! Movie Poster
Ranbir Kapoor in a Barfi! Movie Poster

Barfi! continues to perform well in it’s 2nd week. The movie made 3.20 Crores on it’s 2nd Monday and about 3.00 Crores on Tuesday. Barfi! now stands at a domestic box office collection of 81.8 Crores.


The film has also done somewhat well at the overseas box office where it has amassed 19.50 Crores as of now. If we look at the worldwide box office collections of Barfi!, the Ranbir Kapoor starrer now stands at 101.3 Crores.

This is the first Ranbir starrer to join the elite 100 Crore Club. Good content, positive reviews, oscar nomination, everything seems to have worked well with the film.

As of now the highest grossing movie by Ranbir Kapoor was Rajneeti, but Barfi! is all set to rewrite history. Priyanka Chopra and Ileana D’Cruz also do have a reason to celebrate as this is nothing less than huge.

3.2 and 3




  1. Dear Koimoi… pls stop posting the articles written by the so called readers like manjusha patil, who are always biased and full of hatred for some filmstars… don’t lose your credibility koimoi… and good to see this article is written by koimoi team.. at least it speaks the truth about Barfi… no doubt Barfi is a masterpiece.. it truly deserves Oscar!!!

  2. Dear Bharat,

    Thanks for your comment. Would just want to tell you one small thing. Journalism is all about both sides to any coin. One cannot crush someone’s voice just coz a section of our readers won’t like it. What Manjusha wrote was her opinion and any reader of Koimoi is free to express the same via comments or posts. We will have no hesitation in publishing a response to Manjusha’s post too. Hope you get my point. :)


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