Rarely comes a time when there is some major movement in Koimoi’s Power Index Table, but with the kind of work Akshay Kumar has been doing, he keeps adding little brownies to his bag. Gold is Akshay Kumar’s 9th film to enter the 100 crore club and that means he now stands at 900 points.


Gold now stands at the grand total of 101.70 crores at the box office and has seen a downward trend since last few days. The movie started on a bumper note and enjoyed a festive season with Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan.

Akshay Kumar With Same Points As Ajay Devgn Is A Position Below In Koimoi's Power Index; Here's Why!
Akshay Kumar With Same Points As Ajay Devgn Is A Position Below In Koimoi’s Power Index; Here’s Why!

Here’s How We Calculate Star Ranking

  • 100 Crs Points: 100 x Number Of Films In The 100 Crore Club
  • 200 Crs Points: 200 x Number Of Films In The 200 Crore Club
  • 300 Crs Points: 300 x Number Of Films In The 300 Crore Club
  • Overseas Points: 50 x Number Of Films In Top 10 Highest Overseas Grossers
  • In Case Of Tie, The Position Is Given Based On The Collections Of The Star’s Respective Film


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Rank100 Crs Pts200 Crs Pts300 Crs Pts500 Crs PtsOverseas PtsTotal
1. Salman Khan9006009001002500
2. Akshay Kumar1200600001800
3. Aamir Khan2004006002501450
4. Ajay Devgn900400001300
5. Shah Rukh Khan500400050950
6. Hrithik Roshan4002003000900
7. Ranveer Singh30020030050850
8. Prabhas200005000700
9. Ranbir Kapoor30003000600
10. Shahid Kapoor020030050550
11.Tiger Shroff1003000400
12. Varun Dhawan400000400
13. Ayushmann Khurrana3000050350
14. Saif Ali Khan10020000300
15. Vicky Kaushal 020000200
16. Sushant Singh Rajput200000200
17. John Abraham200000200
18. Rajkummar Rao100000100
19. Kartik Aaryan100000100
20. Sidharth Malhotra100000100
21. Arjun Kapoor100000100
22. Farhan Akhtar100000100

Akshay Kumar has levelled his point score with Ajay Devgn but still has not jumped over him. Akshay is still at the 5th position while Ajay with the same point stands at 4th. Ajay Devgn has 7 movies in the 100 crore club and a single movie in 200 crore club (Golmaal Again). Akshay has all the 900 points with 9 movies in the 100 crore club. Hence, having an edge with a 200 crore film, Ajay Devgn is a position above with similar points.

Both Ajay and Akshay have one of the most amazing films lined up in near future. It would be interesting to see how their position changes in the near time to come.





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