Three major films with big names involved released over the weekend gone by – Revolver Rani with Kangana Ranaut and Tigmanshu Dhulia, Kaanchi with Subhash Ghai and Samrat & Co. with Barjatyas and Rajeev Khandelwal. However, it was the combined strength of Sajid Nadiadwala, Karan Johar, Chetan Bhagat, Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt that did the trick with 2 States.

Result? Even in its second week, the Abhishek Varman directed film collected much more than the three new releases combined together.

'2 States' and 'Revolver Rani' Movie Poster
‘2 States’ and ‘Revolver Rani’ Movie Poster

2 States netted over 24 crores at the box office, hence bringing its eventual tally to an excess of 87.31 crores at the Domestic Box Office. These are very good numbers indeed as they indicate good acceptance that the romantic drama has managed to garner for itself. All eyes are now on the film’s march towards the 100 crore mark, the probability of which has increased with every passing day.

There isn’t much to cheer about the other three releases though, what with Revolver Rani just about hanging in there in the vicinity of 10 crore. The film could have done better had there been better promotional and marketing strategy around it. However, it arrived in the middle of a crowd and just like any other film, hence not quite earning much of a moolah. It may manage to cover its costs after taking into account all ancillary rights but that’s about it.

'Kaanchi' and 'Samrat & Co.' Movie Poster
‘Kaanchi’ and ‘Samrat & Co.’ Movie Poster

Kaanchi is a disaster by Subhash Ghai, what with the film’s collections reading around 4 crore. Words fail to describe the kind of disheartenment that comes in when a film coming from one of the greatest showmen in the industry sees such a commercial response. One just hopes that Ghai bounces back in a major way from this point on.

As for Samrat & Co., there wasn’t much of a hope left after a very poor weekend. The film’s collections were around the 2 crore mark, which is an extremely disappointing response by all means. It is a trade disaster, even though the content warranted that it earns more.

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