102 Not Out Box Office: What a run it has being for this Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor starrer till now. The movie opened to an average figure of 3.52 crores but it has trended amazingly well since then. Crossing the 30 crore mark, the movie on its 2nd Saturday has collected in a range similar to its 1st Friday.

102 Not Out completed its 1st week with a very good figure of 27.70 crores. Post this, there was another release in town, Raazi, which was expected to affect its proceedings. But with 1.85 crores on its 2nd Friday and an upward trend on its 2nd Saturday has only shown how 102 Not Out is unstoppable.

102 Not Out Box Office
102 Not Out Box Office

The movie has collected almost double on its 2nd Saturday as compared to its 2nd Friday. It has earned 3.05 crores, which is in the same range as its 1st Friday and that’s an outstanding feat to achieve. The movie now stands at the grand total of 32.60 crores.

Not many films are made on senior citizens. Asked why there isn’t much representation of senior citizens in films, Amitabh, 75, recently said: “Senior citizens are very respectable people of our society. If they are not there, we are not there. Whenever we try to make a film on them, we treat them with dignity. I hope that through this film, we will be able to convey the message to our audience.”

Adding to that, Rishi said: “He (Amitabh) did films like Piku and Pink. Yes, there are not many films made on senior citizens but there are not many Bachchans around, right?”

102 Not Out, directed by Umesh Shukla, released on May 4.

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