On the special unveiling of Emraan Hashmi starrer Mr X, which is one of the most awaited films of Bhatts, the actor spoke out his heart on how it was playing Mr X. He expressed saying, “This is the first time I am seeing the film with the visuals and final color correction, and I have to say I am completely blown away. It of course is a high concept film, and it has an invisible man. And a lot of hard work for months is put in by the entire team to get this character come alive.”


He further added, “When I read it on paper and finally when I was doing it, it was not at all simple. It is not as simple as just deleting the portions of me which should be the easiest thing if you want to make somebody invisible on screen. In this we have added effects and a lot of hard work and time is spent on this.”

Emraan Hashmi
Emraan Hashmi

Further elaborating on the elements of the invisible Mr X, he adds, “There is a weakness that is used against him and the basic effect of the invisible man is that you can see Mr. X in the sunlight and in the night you can see him in a blue neon light.”

The trailer showcases Emraan performing action and stunt by being visible and invisible, so when asked is he the super hero as Mr X, he said, “I think it is a kind of super hero for me, that’s my interpretation of Mr X. If you really breakdown super hero films then there is a dramatic past which this character has; and that’s what gives birth to the new character. He is Raghuram Rathore and then becomes Mr X. It’s a big debate on how he uses that power for good or evil. I would say there are grey tones to this character. So yes you could call me a super hero, I would say a darker, more intense super hero.”

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