You Asked It: Why Mallika Sherawat’s ‘Hisss’ Was Not Housefull (Hisss Poster, Rakht Charitra Poster)


Is this the pre-Diwali week or will that come next week?

Technically speaking, the week before Diwali is the pre-Diwali week. So, next week would be the pre-Diwali week.

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Why did ‘Hisss’ not take a housefull opening? After all, it has the hot, hot Mallika Sherawat in it!

Mallika Sherawat may be a hot heroine but there’s a difference between being hot and being able to command an initial.

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What would you say to Ram Gopal Varma’s move to make a sequel of ‘Rakht Charitra’ even before its (first part’s) release?




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