Will the record of ‘Dabangg’ for opening of a film be broken this year?

Never say never! Anything is possible. It is difficult to say which film this year can break the opening record of Dabangg but let’s hope, some film/s does/do it.

What do you think of the trailer of ‘Golmaal 3’? Will the film live up to the ‘Golmaal’ brand?

The first trailer promises a lot of entertainment in the film. Golmaal is a brand which is encashable – and the trailer gives the impression, the film will be a worthy successor to Golmaal and Golmaal Returns.

What does the failure of ‘We Are Family’ indicate?

That you cannot ignore the youth audience if your budget is over Rs. 10 crore; that hit music is very important for a good start; that un-Indian subjects are dangerous for Indian films.

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