Yash Chopra & Switzerland: Awards, A Suite & A Train! (Yash Chopra Jungfrau Railways Train)

Yash Raj Films Chairman, Yash Chopra, was honoured with the title of ‘Ambassador of Interlaken’, in Interlaken, making him the first recipient of this prestigious award. A silver plaque was also dedicated to him which will be placed in Interlaken along the Hoheweg – Interlaken’s famous main street. He was also bestowed the ‘Swiss Ambassador’s Award.’

Yash Chopra & Switzerland: Awards, A Suite & A Train! (Yash Chopra Ambassador of Interlaken)

A majestic ‘Yash Chopra Suite’ was also inaugurated at the Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Sp. While other famous celebrities have stayed at the hotel, Mr. Chopra is perhaps the only one to have the honour of a suite being named after him, other than King Louis XVI! If that wasn’t enough, the ‘Yash Chopra Train’ was launched as part of the Jungfrau Railways, Switzerland, possibly the first of its kind tribute. The Swiss dignitaries present at these functions, unanimously echoed the same sentiments about Mr. Chopra that “he has single handedly influenced tourism to Interlaken as well as all of Switzerland worldwide through his films and has promoted the relationship between Switzerland and India in the most extraordinary way.”

Yash Chopra & Switzerland: Awards, A Suite & A Train! (Yash Chopra In House)

Mr. Chopra, along with Mrs. Pamela Chopra, felt very grateful and was ecstatic with the honours. After all, it was Yash Raj films like Faasle, Vijay, Chandni, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Mohabbatein and Veer Zaara that made the song-and-dance sequence in the Swill Alps so much a part of Indian drama.

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