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Will Don 2 touch the Rs. 100-crore mark in India?
Komal Nahta: It seems very likely that Don 2 will touch the Rs. 100-crore mark. Its net collections have already touched Rs. 75 crore (all-India net collections on Thursday, December 29, including the dubbed Tamil and Telugu versions), so reaching the Rs. 100 crore figure seems a distinct possibility.

Don 2 & Agneepath Posters
Don 2 & Agneepath Posters

What kind of films should be made/converted in 3D?
Komal Nahta: Those which have content which will look good in 3D. Otherwise, it doesn’t make much sense to make/convert in 3D.

What kind of an initial do you expect Agneepath to take?
Komal Nahta: Agneepath will take a bumper opening! Do you have any doubts?

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  1. i dont think it will be able to beat bodyguard. but krrish 2, dhoom 3 n srk’s new untitled film would surely best bodyguard.
    krrish 2 sure………its expectation budget is 310cr. oh my god its too expensive. it must be a electrofying film.

    • RA1 grossed 240 crores ww as opposed to 229C by BODYGUARD. SRK is the biggest filmstar of india and world. Only his movies can break record. and dont bring up FLOPTHIK movies..hrithik is a shit actor vs KHANS

  2. bollywood me 1 hi baadshah hai
    bollywood me ek hi khan hai
    bollywood me ek hi king hai
    isiliye bollywood ka baap srk ko hi mana jata hai


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