Koimoi.com Editor Komal Nahta predicts a bumper opening for producer Karan Johar’s Agneepath. The promo of the Hrithik Roshan starrer, which released earlier in 2011, was very compelling. Katrina Kaif’s hot item number Chikni Chameli is terrific.

Why Hrithik Roshan’s Agneepath Will Take A Bumper Start

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  1. yes Komal I do agree with u, but I have doubts about Hrithik. see bumper opening will be there but for Chikni Chameli and for Sanjay Dutt and also looking at promos just like u I think both Sanjay & Rishi will get all the lime lights with Chameli of course, but in my mind I am worried about Vijay Dinanath Chauhan, Hrithik no way. just look at him to me he looks like fatty not a lean body of person who is in late 20s or early 30s and what about dialog delivery. hey u also didn’t mention him more in this ur opinion, thats also a point. so Agnipath will be hit but not for Hrithik.

    PS: btw they omitted Mithun’s Character it looks but why not then Madhavi’s also, there no need for Priyanka in my opinion if there no need for Mithun’s role.

  2. I would say Agneepath will be a record breaking film. All 4 trailers are already in top discussion in India. Besides, I do disagree with people, who think Agneepath will be hit for Sanjay Dutt only, not for Hrithik Roshan when the film is all about Vijay Dinanath Chauhan starred by Hrithik. As we already know that villain in Agneepath has shown to be supremely powerful who is almost unbeatable and here the underdog Hrithik is expected to beat him finally so he can bring the glory of his father back. I think it’s been a very nice commercial approach by the producer. Let me put you this way, if Indian cricket team beat Zimbabwe, none of the Indians will enjoy or praise India for such victory but what would happen if Indian team can beat a team like Australia?? I think here audience will enjoy the film this way when they will finally see VDC to beat Kancha which is impossible in many aspect! In original Agneepath, Amitab was shown too much powerful, even more than Kancha and that people lose the test of the film since people already knew that VDC is able to beat Kancha easily. But this is where I think the main correction has been done. We will enjoy Hrithik’s portrayal as VDC only when he will beat Kancha at the end with lots of effort. However, I think the 4 day weekend of the movie will collect 17/18 crore per day totaling somewhere in between 68 and 72 crore in the first weekend, so the flop status is extremely hard for Agneepath to get based on the buzz created all over. Thanks

    • It seems Faud that u also did not got my point, see here we r not just talking about commerce but the totality. and when I say that it will work for Sanjay Dutt but not for Hrithik, then we r not at all discussing the storyline, I mean it that its difficult role compared to Don to remake and I am not talking about acting skills but the looks or promo wherein your main lead should draw people towards cinama halls not the item song or to that extent the villain. in this case it is opposite of that, so I say again that it will be Sanjay and Chameli who will bring in all the commerce details u mentioned, btw whats the point in talking where all seems agreed that it will be a Bumper Hit, who cares ’cause of whom, in the end the Most Happy Man will be Karan Johar who will get all that money for nothing and then will make all that craps like K2H2, K3G,KANK,MNIK.

  3. I guess you have not seen the third trailer yet and recommend you to watch ASAP, also to be updated with latest news being circulated about Hrithik’s come back in third trailer.Therefore, I disagree with you now because the third trailer which has been overtaken by Hrithik Roshan, who has been thought to be overshadowed by Sanjay in 1st trailer, has come back with his Glory. It’s true that Sanjay and specially Chikni Chameki will add some considerable amount of value to the movie but it’s Hrithik who will ultimately be the crowd puller. You really can’t compare the star power of Hrithik and Sanjay, right?? if Sanjay had such star power, then Lage Raho Munna Bhai would no less than of 3 idiots in terms of BO collection.
    Kancha is villain and is praised here only for his looks. I would agree to you if Kancha is the lead role here and doing something like Don but the thing is, the film is all about the rise and fall and the revenge of Vijay Dinanath Chauhan in the underworld. Last but not least, even you will clap in theaters looking at Hrithik who will beat and defeat Sanjay Dutt, right? or are you that much violent or criminal minded who will take the support of Sanjay Dutt instead of Hrithik in Agneepath??

    • 1st thing 1st let me clear u that I Hate gray shades, I Love only Black n White, so be sure I am not a criminal minded to support Kancha or any other negative character, rather I am the only one in my circle who didn’t liked Bazigar n Darr for its glorification of negative characters through which SRK is now what he is. 2ndly I am not saying that Sanjay has more star power than Hrithik and for your information LRM was way back compared 2 these days where u rake in more than 100CRs, lets not take 3idiots in account ’cause no one in 2or3 years will cross that mark come what may. And now for your information that I have watched all trailers of Agneepath and I am now for sure say Hrithik will be no more near to VDC what BigB had done, forget BigB even Ajay Devgan would have done more intensely than him and I am not at all talking about dialog delivery of BigB. whatever I have heard in those promos from Hrithik is nowhere even comparable 2 BigB’s 1st version of dubbing done in original. so my point is Hrithik is wrong choice 2 remake of Agneepath and that 2 in front of such a strong persona of Sanjay who according 2 u is ’cause of his attire or gateup or bald looks or whatever. BTW r u from production house ’cause u not chosen 2 comment on KJo or his scrap movies or r u there only for Hrithik.

  4. No I am just a regular visitor like you. Your judgement on Agneepath only indicates that you are most probably the fan of Ajay Devgan or Salman. Amitab was no way an appropriate VDC where he pretended to be 35 year old guy when he was already more than 45 by that time which he couldn’t even hide as it actors like Amir, SRK have been able to in hiding age behind a fit body and face, besides, his body contraction was not good enough to support the kind of anger he showed. It’s like a rat is trying to be smart in front of a tiger who has no power in muscle but yet is trying to pretend like “Arnold Schwarzenegger”. That’s what was one of the flaws in the movie which has nicely been corrected in new Agneepath. This 4 times filmfare award winner and best known as a perfectionist doesn’t have to prove to what extent he can do acting. As far as Ajay Devgan is concerned, I would only react like “LOL” Anyway, a trailer is not enough to judge a movie and its star casts and I hope you do not judge an actor based on his anger and attitude only, otherwise, Argun Rampal could have been huge actor as he also posses lots of anger on his face, huge body and attitude. Above all arguments, Kancha has only been given as a villain character and unless he has not been given any leading role in the film. How can you ever think of him to pull BO collection when he is playing important but not most important character as it’s played by Hrithik Roshan in the film??. Success or failure of the movie will only have to be taken on the shoulder of Hrithik since he himself is playing the protagonist role. Let me remind you that, Sanjay Dutt has got much popularity in the looks of Musafir film, his style and dialog delivery was hugely hyped along with the song ” Saki Saki” as it was for Agneepath and Chikni Chameli now, but yet the film became a terrible BO failure. So the hype of his looks in Musafir could not save the film at BO collection because the hype created by his looks is always and mostly ignored among Indian audience if you look at his past. Therefore, his Agneepath look will not contribute as much as you are expecting, he will have a contribution in increasing revenue. Also don’t forget the no matter how much popolarity Gabbar Sing got in the movie Sholey, the ultimate BO puller was the Amitab and Dharmendar and this is going to be the same for new Agneepath as well. Sanjay will be remembered as a great villain from Agneepath but not the most important revenue generator However, VDC is the one who will be leading the whole movie so I find it pointless to justify VDC in the movie when the whole responsibility has been given upon his shoulder! :)

    • guys, dont fight over the issue. the first kid gets the best of attention by parents and other relative as that is the first experince for somebody to be parents, grand parents etc. 2nd kid doesnt get that much as it is not a new experince for them anymore. so people have amitabh bachchan and first agneepath in mind which they are unable to erase. lets wait and watch. there were many films earlier whose trailer looked extremely good but as movie it was all crap.
      I dont think it will make a huge business..dont curse me now, do it when it becomes a blockbuster…i will take it as compliment.
      @ ghanshyam…u seem to be a real hrithik hater..he is a fine actor and the character he is playing in agneepath is not a copy of character played by Mr. bachchan..this vijay is different as he and other members of the movie team knows well that hrithik can never match the charisma, style voice of Mr. Bachchan..so this VDC was treated differently…chill!!!


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