Shah Rukh Khan is not a lesser fan of cricket than rival Aamir Khan, who flew to Mohali to catch the India-Pakistan World Cup Semifinal match, in which team India proved triumphant. But then why did SRK not fly down to Mohali, just like Aamir and wife Kiran Rao, Preity Zinta, Sunil Shetty or Vivek Oberoi? Here’s why…

Why Shah Rukh Khan Did Not Go To Mohali

SRK had so many requests from so many people close to him, who wanted to accompany the star to watch the Mohali match that he thought the better of it. In fact, the actor was not even deterred by the fact that Aamir Khan was going to Mohali to see the match live. Speaking at a press conference in Mumbai during after the first half of the crucial match, Shah Rukh Khan said, “I did not want to go with all those people who had sent in requests. Plus there were the additional tasks of arranging for hotel rooms, etc. Hence, I just preferred watching the match in the peace of my home.”

In fact, the shrewd actor that he is, SRK turned the situation to his benefit by calling the press during the break in the match. As a result, his bytes were flashed across many news channels between the match. Also, SRK’s superhero film, Ra.One’s promo was played repeatedly throughout the match broadcast. Talking about the same, Shah Rukh commented, “I am glad that the promo is being liked by all. We had first released the promo during the India-Australia quarterfinals. Had we known that the semifinal would be an India-Pakistan match, we would have released it now only.”

Talking about his character in the movie, G.One, Shah Rukh Khan said, “G.One is a superhero unlike many. Nobody has even used the concept of solid electricity, so we decided to give G.One this power. He can also read mind waves and decipher what the other person is thinking.”

Well, all in all, the move to not go to Mohali proved a good one for Shah Rukh Khan. He got more media coverage than he ever would have had he gone to catch the match live!

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