Recently when politician Digvijay Singh tweeted about activist-turned -politician Kejriwal and controversial queen Rakhi Sawant saying they both try and expose but without any substance, Rakhi immediately agitated over his remark.


His tweet ‘Arvind Kejriwal is like Rakhi Sawant. They both try and expose but with no substance. Apologies to Rakhi Sawant I am an old fan of hers!’ absolutely didn’t go well with Rakhi and the lady held a press conference over her place to retort to the entire Tweet episode.

She said, “I didn’t like the way Singh compared me with Kejriwal bhai. Digvijay Singh satiya gaye hain. He has lost it.”

She further said, “I don’t understand… Am I born to be a part of such controversies? Kabhi Mika, Kabhi Baba Ramdev, Kabhi Digvijay Singh…Why are they targeting me? Don’t you have anything else to do? Why me? Just Leave me alone! Please!”

Check out the video right here:

Rakhi Sawant at an event
Rakhi Sawant at an event




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