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Everyone in the trade is talking about the interest in Don 2 waning. Does that mean that it will not open well?

Komal Nahta: There is no doubt that distributors of Don 2 in the different circuits are finding it difficult to book the film on the terms they would’ve liked to because the film is not as ‘hot’ as it was when its teaser trailer was released in July but this does not mean that the film will not open well. The initial this week will be very good.

Don2, Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl, Band Baaja Baaraat
Don2, Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl, Band Baaja Baaraat

The all-India nett collection figure of Band Baaja Baaraat for its entire run has been surpassed by Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl in the first four or five days. Then why is the trade calling the latter film poor?

Komal Nahta: Firstly, Ladies Vs Ricky Bahlis a plus fare, not a poor fare. But if the trade is calling it poor, it is because its collections began to slide down fast and furiously from the fourth day onwards. This was in sharp contrast to the collections of Band Baaja Baaraat, which picked up day by day. Also, the investment in LVRB is far more than in BBB.

Will animation films ever work in India?

Komal Nahta: They will, if the animated characters in a film are made hugely popular before release or become popular once the film is released.

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  1. i really don’t think that movie is not popular among masses…srk has a tremendous fan base..tremendous..it will be surely a blockbuster..n the trailor is so good that it will attract masses to the theatres…the movie would be fabulous…

    • THE MIGHTY KING SHAH RUKH KHAN I never watch youtube vidoes of inaugration/closing of any ceremony ..but just writing comment w/o watching dis..thats called MADNESS OF THE SHAH RUKH KHAN THE 3.2 BILLION FANS

    • THE MIGHTY KING SHAH RUKH KHAN I never watch youtube vieods of inaugration/closing of any ceremony ..but just writing comment w/o watching dis..thats called MADNESS OF THE SHAH RUKH KHAN THE 3.2 BILLION FANS

  2. After watching trailors & music release Agneepath looking rocking film.

    Don 2 will be a avg film or booking problem may be due to Ra.One effect.

  3. I wonder what Ashermadan has to say about this… It may be something like “UNESCO will compensate the Don 2 distributors” who will suffer heavy loses this time again… Poor SRK… ROFL… Ashermadan preaches to stop making “homophobic” comments while he refers to Aamir as “Gayamir” on his personal, social and blog spaces. SRK is the most overrated actor ever in entire Indian cinema. I challenge an open debate!

  4. To quote SRK himself: “I am an OVERACTOR, I can overact in a second. I’m from theatre, I can overdo stuff”. With that said, he is not even a good theatrical actor. Not 1% of a classic Raj Kapoor, who is by far the greatest theatrical actor in the history of Asian cinema. Even TIME says that.

  5. “Don-2” will not cross even “Ra-One”…leave aside “Dabang”..
    The question filmwallahs everywhere are asking is whether “Don-2” will fare better than “Bodyguard” or at-least “Ra-One”..? In recent times “Salman mania” has captured not only youth i.e. theatre going audience, media and trade analysts but also some of die-hard Shahrukh Khan fans. Does i…t means that Super Star regime of King Khan is nearing completion..? Certainly NOT..!!! In his lover boy avatar Shahrukh has made his brand so strong that even his so-called flop films like Ra-One, My name is Khan or Don (1) managed to not only cover their huge costs but also fetched handsome returns on investments. This is misconception in many film lovers that Ra-One or likewise recent film releases of Sharukh were flops. Can these films be called Hits then…? Certainly NOT again..!!! Because these films may have earned in monetary terms, but certainly they didn’t took Mega Star image of King Khan any further, like recent hits of Salmaan as Dabang or Bodyguard did for him. Ra-One in spite of historic promotion by Shahrukh failed to establish him as Super Hero like Krish. So, can “Don-2” be “Return Of King”…as claimed by promos and posters of Movie..? Sorry folks, in my opinion – Certainly NOT for the last time..!!!

    “Don-2” has just one big advantage that filmlovers will compare this with Shahrukh’s own Don (1) and not with Amitabh’s Don, which was the case earlier. Having no idea about how Farhan may have advanced the story in the sequel, viewers will watch the movie as fresh product with known characters and will not keep on comparing it frame-to-frame with Amitabh’s Don. But, as promo of “Don-2” suggests, it has it’s own set of difficulties. First and foremost seems to be changed pattern of Shahrukh’s dialogue delivery. Slow paced and lacking intensity, which is USP of Shahurukh. Second problem seems to be dialogues themselves. Penned by Farhan Akhtar himself, dialogues of “Don-2” seem to be targeted towards giving Don a comic relief at times…But, that’s disastrous..! This ruins all the tension of scene and style icon yet smartly cruel image of Don is gone like phew…Music of movie is third “Kamjor Kadee”. Songs are unheard and non-popular. And what has happen to my favorite actor Om Puri Sahab in this movie..?! He seems so overweighted and dull in the movie. On the contrast Kunal Kapoor looks more fresh than Don himself. Priyanka looks lean-mean-sexy, but Oomph factor, that was generated in Amitabh-Zeenat’s steamy scenes, seems to be absent. And as you all know this is the time of “Dirty Picture”.

    Keeping in mind these lacunas I, on my own risk, dare to presume that “Don-2” may get better initials but will definitely not cross even “Ra-One” mark itself…leave aside “Dabang” or “Bodyguard”.

  6. people who hav seen saying CONTENT n SCRIPT are rock solid..a power packed entertainer with thrills suspense..21st dec U.K. release in 2d n 3d..from 23rd worldwide n India..BRILLIANT FARHAN knows how to use PHENOMENON SRK just like SHIMIT AMIN did in CHAK DE INDIA.

  7. SRK is the real king of box-office and after saw the movie i defenately said , yes…. THE KING IS BACK , SRK is looks so marbolous, dashing, and stylist, DON2 is the another block buster of SRK

  8. Making succesful sequels is not easy..so is the case with Don2..Shahrukh did his best..but what was Lara Dutta doing in a item number type song???First half of the movie was slow,even though the second helf was good..but not enough to “oomph” it..And finally the on air and international marketing by Reliance was abig failure..Here in London..the opening seems to be average..In Mauritius too..it was very damp…lets see if it picks up due to single release and holiday period…

  9. This is not correct that Don2 is not good in trade ?in opening day 15 corer in Indian box office is a good collection in spite of the day was a working day.a result of a film can not be counted by its 1st day collection.and it is not essential that every film will break the record of collection of previous film.earning profit is the main matter.and the main matter is the film is doing awesome business in oversees world.


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