Known as Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan leaves no stone unturned to make his movies the very best. Slated to release on the 30th of November, Talaash is the next awaited Bollywood flick of Aamir. It’s just 12 days to release and one can’t help but wonder why is Aamir, who did huge promotional activities for his previous hits like Gazini and 3 Idiots not indulging in any promotional activities for Talaash.

Aamir Khan In Talaash Movie Stills
Aamir Khan In Talaash Movie Stills


Now we all know how Talaash was postponed again and again. Was it to attain or to avoid clashes with other Biggies we know not? The question remains, why is Aamir missing out on the important pre-release promotions.

Is he too occupied with Dhoom 3 or is it some other issue? Whatever the issue may be, if Aamir doesn’t start the promotions real soon, it might take a toll on Talaash. After all there is a huge difference between confidence and overconfidence.




    • Salman is gay , thats why no marriage till 47 . if salman is so big , why he started dabaang 2 now it self . That means as per u anik bas..rd , dabbang 2 will bomb

      • u naik son of a Bit.. why ur lallu khan started dabbang 2 promos 40 days agead at his big faltu show dabaang 1 to dabaang 2 ur lallu’s story will be over ,


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